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Counterfeit Bill Detectors & Currency Detection

Questions? Check Out Our Counterfeit Bill Detector Guide.
Eliminate counterfeit money and stop fake bills dead in their tracks with a counterfeit bill detector from ABC Office. We have a great selection of detectors that utilize a variety of different counterfeit detection techniques such as UV (Ultraviolet) and MG (Magnetic) sensors. We carry portable handheld bill detectors and have feature-rich desktop modes. Order yours today!

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Counterfeit Detectors

1.Money Detection - MD-118 FL

Item #: MONEMD118FL

Money Detection - MD-118 FL

Description: If your business handles a lot of money on a daily basis, you may want to consider something like the MD-118 FL portable UV counterfeit money detector.
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Highly Recommended.Recommended
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2.RCD-1000 Easy electric operation

Item #: MONERSIRCD1000

RCD-1000 Easy electric operation

Description: Easy electric operation. Lightweight, compact design. Detects fake bills or ID cards. Ultraviolet counterfeit detection. U.S. security thread chart. Uses: RSIUVB-2PK bulbs.
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3.Royal RCD-UVP2 Pocket-size


Royal RCD-UVP2 Pocket-size

Description: Protect self from financial loss! Pocket-size portable design. Ultraviolet counterfeit sensor. Security strip currency guide. Easily detects fake currency. Identify holographic images. Great for IDs, passports & CCs. Battery operated (2) CR2032. Two detectors per box.
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4.Ribao LD-3 Currency Detector

Item #: MONELD3

Ribao LD-3 Currency Detector

Description: An upgrade from the SLD-16 model, this currency detector features magnetic detection which widens the range of items this unit can detect as counterfeit.
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5.Cassida SmartCheck Counterfeit Detector


Cassida SmartCheck Counterfeit Detector

Description: The Cassida SmartCheck counterfeit bill detector is equipped with a standard UV station and a quick access UV detector. The bottom portion of this counterfeit detector lets you place bills, checks, passports etc. on the base for inspection.
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6.Royal RCD-2000 Portable

Item #: MONERSIRCD2000

Royal RCD-2000 Portable

Description: Portable compact design. Simple electric operation. Detects fake bills or ID cards. Two bulb Ultraviolet detection. Sensor for Magnetic detection.Micro-print magnifier lens. Watermark verification window.
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7.BD100 Ultraviolet, Magnetic,Infrared

Item #: OFFEBD100

BD100 Ultraviolet, Magnetic,Infrared

Description: This unit will automatically detect if a bill is a fake. No need for the pens that manu users have. Simply insert the bill and the unit will confirm the accuracy amount and if it is fake or not. Additionally, it will keep a running total of what you are testing.
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8.RCD-2120 Multifunctional 3 level process

Item #: MONERSIRCD2120

RCD-2120 Multifunctional 3 level process

Description: Fast, easy electric operation. Compact design fits anywhere. Multifunctional 3 level process. Infrared and Magnetic analysis. Image verification technology. Pass/fail indicators & alarm
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9.Cashscan 2000 counterfeit Scanner


Cashscan 2000 counterfeit Scanner

Description: Stop fooling around with toys and consider using a fool-proof counterfeit bill detector like the Cashscan Model 1800. More than 200,000 of these convenient bill scanners have been sold and they are extremely popular with banks, retail businesses and other organization.
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Highly Recommended.Recommended
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10.Cassida 2200 Advanced Counterfeit Detector

Item #: MONEC2200U1

Cassida 2200 Advanced Counterfeit Detector

Description: Counterfeit money could potentially cost your business hundreds and possibly thousands of dollars. Due to complex copiers, high-resolution scanners and other equipment, it is harder than ever to detect fake bills. The Cassida 2200 uses the latest in counterfeit detection technology to alert you to fraudulent money.
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11.Cassida 3300 Automatic Counterfeit Detector

Item #: MONEC3300

Cassida 3300 Automatic Counterfeit Detector

Description: The Cassida 3300 is a quick, compact and easy way to verify the authenticity of money. This counterfeit detector / scanner can detect the dollar value of the bill being fed through it.
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