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Mini Refrigerators and Beverage Coolers

Keep your food cool with these convenient refrigerators. Each one is designed to fit in a smaller space than a full-size model, making them ideal choices for dorm rooms, offices, and bar areas. Choose from a variety of styles and sizes to meet your food storage and decor needs. When you have limited space, these compact refrigerators or beverage coolers are an ideal solution. Many mini refrigerators can fit easily under a countertop to maximize floor space.

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Mini Refrigerators and Beverage Coolers

1.AW-121E 12-bottle Wine Cooler

Item #: AW121E

AW-121E 12-bottle Wine Cooler

Descriptioin:Display your wine collection in style while you store it at the right temperature to preserve perfect flavor. The AW-121E 12-bottle wine cooler uses thermoelectric technology, so it operates quietly and without vibrations that can affect the taste of your wine.
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2.AW-181E Wine Cooler

Item #: AW181E

AW-181E Wine Cooler

Descriptioin:The AW-181E wine cooler is built with a thermoelectric cooling system that's vibration free and allows you the peace of mind of knowing that your collection is being properly chilled and maintained. This top of the line wine cooler holds up to 18 bottles and features exceptional temperature control with push-button convenience.
Sale Price:
3.AW-280E Thermoelectric Wine Cooler

Item #: AW280E

AW-280E Thermoelectric Wine Cooler

Descriptioin:The AW-280E thermoelectric wine cooler is the perfect way to maintain your favorite vintages without taking up a lot of space. The large inner chamber of this freestanding unit holds up to 28 standard sized bottles of wine on 6 slide out chrome shelves, with attractive blue LED lighting to help you browse your collection.
Sale Price:
4.AB-850 84 Can Beverage Cooler

Item #: AB850

AB-850 84 Can Beverage Cooler

Descriptioin:The AB-850 84 can beverage cooler offers flexible storage, optimal temperature control and a compact design that fits anywhere. This mini-fridge has 7 thermostat settings between 34°F and 64°F and offers 2.
Sale Price:
5.AW-281E Wine Cooler

Item #: AW281E

AW-281E Wine Cooler

Descriptioin:The AW-281E wine cooler is the perfect home accessory for the wine collector. Keep up to 28 bottles of wine cool on 6 pull-out chrome racks. The thermoelectric cooling system operates quietly and without excess vibration to preserve your wine collection in perfect condition.
Sale Price:
6.AB-1200 126 Can Beverage Cooler

Item #: AB1200

AB-1200 126 Can Beverage Cooler

Descriptioin:The AB-1200 126 can beverage cooler fits in small spaces easily, stores enough beverages for any occasion, and features 7 thermostat settings for custom chilling. This mini-fridge has 3.4 cubic feet of storage space and chills down to 34°F - plenty of room for cans, bottles, and all your favorite snacks at the perfect temperature.
Sale Price:
7.AW-210ED Thermoelectric Wine Cooler

Item #: AW210ED

AW-210ED Thermoelectric Wine Cooler

Descriptioin:Chill your wine to the perfect temperature in the AW-210ED thermoelectric wine cooler. This dual zone cooler stores red and white wine in separate compartments, with two doors for optimal climate control.
Sale Price:
8.AWC-270E 27 Bottle Wine Cooler

Item #: AWC270E

AWC-270E 27 Bottle Wine Cooler

Descriptioin:The AWC-270E 27 bottle wine cooler is a compressor-based system that can cool down to 39 degrees Fahrenheit. With a digital control panel and precise temperature control, it is a great way to preserve your new wine collection or as an addition to your existing wine cellar.
Sale Price:
9.AW-211ED Dual Zone Thermoelectric Wine Cooler

Item #: AW211ED

AW-211ED Dual Zone Thermoelectric Wine Cooler

Descriptioin:The AW-211ED dual zone thermoelectric wine cooler is compact enough to fit conveniently in even the tightest places and holds up to 21 bottles of your favorite vintages. This dual-zone cooler has two compartments to meet the different storage needs of your red and white wines.
Sale Price:
10.AWC-330E Wine Cooler

Item #: AWC330E

AWC-330E Wine Cooler

Descriptioin:The AWC-330E wine cooler lets you keep an amazing 33 bottles of wine ready for immediate use. The compressor cooling system reaches temperatures as low as 39 degrees Fahrenheit with precise electronic controls that let you select the proper setting for your collection.
Sale Price:
11.AW-320ED 32 Bottle Wine Cooler

Item #: AW320ED

AW-320ED 32 Bottle Wine Cooler

Descriptioin:The AW-320ED 32 bottle wine cooler is the perfect storage solution for the serious wine collector. The thermoelectric cooling system keeps wine at the perfect temperature, and thanks to the dual zone controls, you can store white and red varietals in the same unit.
Sale Price:
12.AW-321ED Dual Zone Wine Cooler

Item #: AW321ED

AW-321ED Dual Zone Wine Cooler

Descriptioin:Get compact, flexible storage for your wine collection with the AW-321ED dual zone wine cooler. This attractive unit stores up to 32 bottles of wine and features side-by-side compartments with dual zone controls so you can keep both white and red wines at their ideal temperatures.
Sale Price:
13.AWR-520SB Wine Cooler

Item #: AWR520SB

AWR-520SB Wine Cooler

Descriptioin:The AWR-520SB is designed to protect and preserve your wine collection. It holds up to 52 bottles of your favorite vintages, and keeps them cool with a radiant cooling system that ensures an even temperature throughout the cabinet.
Sale Price:
14.AWR-460DB Dual Zone Wine Cooler

Item #: AWR460DB

AWR-460DB Dual Zone Wine Cooler

Descriptioin:Get more room for your wine collection with the AWR-460DB dual zone wine cooler. This compressor-cooled unit holds up to 46 bottles of wine in two separate zones with temperatures that go all the way down to 40°F so you can select the perfect serving temperature for your favorite vintages.
Sale Price:
15.AWB-360DB Beverage Cooler

Item #: AWB360DB

AWB-360DB Beverage Cooler

Descriptioin:The AWB-360DB is the ideal cooler to keep your wine and beverages chilled and at the perfect temperature to enjoy. This model is a front-venting, compressor cooled unit and can be installed for built-in applications or as a freestanding model.
Sale Price:
16.AWR-1160DB Wine Cooler

Item #: AWR1160DB

AWR-1160DB Wine Cooler

Descriptioin:Store up to 116 bottles of wine with the AWR-1160DB wine cooler. With two independently controlled temperature zones, you can keep your reds and whites at two separate temperatures to ensure they are stored under optimal conditions.
Sale Price:
17.AWR-1600DB Wine Cooler

Item #: AWR1600DB

AWR-1600DB Wine Cooler

Descriptioin:Store up to 160 bottles of wine with the AWR-1600DB wine cooler. With two independently controlled temperature zones, you can keep your reds and whites at two separate temperatures to ensure they are stored under optimal conditions.
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