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Minipack Shrink Wrap & Vacuum Sealing

Minipack is a manufacturer of shrink wrappers, vacuum sealers and other packaging equipment. Their equipment is easy to use and has a high rate of customer satisfaction. The MiniPlus shrink wrap machine is one of our top selling shrink wrappers. Products are designed for both small and large businesses. The equipment is designed to protect and preserve a variety of consumer goods including food. We have guaranteed low prices on all our Minipack products. Order yours today!

Chamber Vacuum Sealers

1.Minipack MVS 45LX

Minipack MVS 45LX

Description: If you’re in need of a solid freestanding vacuum sealer that can easily be wheeled around the business, consider a machine like the MVS 45LX. This chamber vacuum sealer gives you all the quality you’ve come to expect in the Minipack MVS 45X, but in a freestanding design.
Chamber W x L:18.50" x 18.00"
Chamber H (Chamber + Dome = Total):4.50" + 4.00" = 8.50"
Sale Price:
2.Minipack MVS 52X

Minipack MVS 52X

Description: If you’re looking for a mid-range freestanding vacuum sealer that can be used for packaging larger food items or several smaller items, take a look at the Minipack MVS 52X. This chamber sealer has a 20” x 21” chamber and dual sealing bars that are 21” long.
Chamber W x L:20.00" x 21.00"
Chamber H (Chamber + Dome = Total):3.50" + 3.00" = 6.50"
Sale Price:
3.Minipack MVS 50X

Minipack MVS 50X

Description: The Minipack MVS 50X free standing chamber sealer has a large chamber size of 26" x 20.5" and features dual sealing bars that are each 22" long. Because it has dual sealing bars, it can be used to package a very large item or machine smaller items simultaneously.
Chamber W x L:26.00" x 20.50"
Chamber H (Chamber + Dome = Total):5.00" + 4.00" = 9.00"
Sale Price:
4.Minipack MVS 65X

Minipack MVS 65X

Description: The MVS 65X is one of the largest chamber vacuum sealers made by Minipack. It features a large 29” x 27” chamber with dual wide 24” sealing bars. This allows you to package some very large items, a few medium size items or several small pouches.
Chamber W x L:29.00" x 27.00"
Chamber H (Chamber + Dome = Total):5.00" + 5.50" = 10.50"
Sale Price:
5.Minipack MVS 20 Chamber Sealer

Minipack MVS 20 Chamber Sealer

Description: Are you are currently using an external vacuum sealer for your home food preservation needs? Are you frustrated with the low-volume output of your current machine? Consider upgrading to the MiniPack MVS 20. It’s the logical next step up in vacuum seal models. Order your MVS 20 today!
Chamber W x L:8.75" x 12" (222mm x 305mm)
Chamber H (Chamber + Dome = Total):3"+1"=4" (76mm + 25mm = 101mm)
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6.Minipack MVS 31 X Chamber Sealer

Minipack MVS 31 X Chamber Sealer

Description: The all-new Italian-made Minipack MVS 31 X has been designed from the ground up with feedback from people who use chamber vacuum sealers most. This sealer gets the job done quickly and efficiently. Order yours today!
Chamber W x L:12.75" x 11.75" (324mm x 298mm)
Chamber H (Chamber + Dome = Total):4.5"+2"=6.5" (114mm + 51mm = 165mm)
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7.Minipack MVS 26 X II Chamber Sealer

Minipack MVS 26 X II Chamber Sealer

Description: Minipack vacuum food sealers are known for their excellent build quality, reliability and versatility. The MVS 26 XII is perfect for use with packaging and vacuum sealing fruits, vegetables, poultry, beef, pork and more. It can even be used for packaging liquids and powders. The stainless steel basin is seamless for easy and sanitary cleanup. Order your MVS 26 X II today!
Chamber W x L:10.75" x 16" (273mm x 406mm)
Chamber H (Chamber + Dome = Total):4.25"+1"=5.25" (108mm + 25mm = 133mm)
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8.Minipack MVS 35 X Chamber Sealer

Minipack MVS 35 X Chamber Sealer

Description: The model MVS 35 X is positioned well between the MVS 31 X and MVS 45 X vacuum sealers. The design and build quality and of this rugged model is unsurpassed. The machine accomplishes most vacuum sealing jobs in a quick and efficiently manner. Order yours today!
Chamber W x L:12.75" x 11.75" (324mm x 298mm)
Chamber H (Chamber + Dome = Total):4.5"+3"=7.5" (114mm + 76mm = 190mm)
Sale Price:
9.Minipack MVS 45 X Chamber Vacuum Sealer

Minipack MVS 45 X Chamber Vacuum Sealer

Description: The new Minipack MVS 45 X is the replacement to the very popular MVS 45. This vacuum food sealer is perfect for packaging meat, fruit, vegetables, fish and much more. The 45 X has a chamber sealing area of 18 ½" x 16" x 4 ½", which can be used to package a variety of different products. Using the MVS 45 X is simple. Place your product in a bag, place the bag in the machine, pull down the hood and let the machine do the rest.
Chamber W x L:18.5" x 18" (470mm x 457mm)
Chamber H (Chamber + Dome = Total):4.5"+4"=8.5" (114mm + 102mm = 216mm)
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10.Minipack MVS 45LXII

Minipack MVS 45LXII

Description: The convenience of a freestanding vacuum sealer combined with dual sealing bars is what you get with the Minipack MVS 45LXII. This sealer features a freestanding design mounted on casters making this chamber sealer easy to move around and highly portable.
Chamber W x L:18.50" x 18.00"
Chamber H (Chamber + Dome = Total):4.50" + 4.00" = 8.50"
Sale Price:
11.Minipack MVS 45 XII Chamber Vacuum Sealer

Minipack MVS 45 XII Chamber Vacuum Sealer

Description: Do you need to package food on a commercial daily basis? You may want to use a vacuum food sealer like the MVS 45 XII. This dual-bar chamber sealer can be used for packaging poultry, beef, chicken, fish, vegetables, fruits and more. The 45 XII is extremely easy to set up. The control panel makes adjustments quick and easy. An optional inert gas kit allows you to adjust the gas levels to fit the product you are packaging. Simply place your product in a vacuum seal bag, place it in the machine, close the hood and let the machine do the rest.
Chamber W x L:18.5" x 18" (470mm x 457mm)
Chamber H (Chamber + Dome = Total):4.5"+4"=8.5" (114mm + 102mm = 216mm)
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12.Minipack MVS 52X-DV

Minipack MVS 52X-DV

Description: The Minipack MVS 52X-DV system features a dual chamber design with four sealing bars. Each chamber is 20” x 21”. This is perfect for packaging volumes of fish, poultry, beef, pork, fruits, veggies, cheese and much more.
Chamber W x L:20.00" x 21.00" (2x)
Chamber H (Chamber + Dome = Total):3.50" + 3.00" = 6.50"
Sale Price:

Sous Vide Water Circulators

1.MiniPack Sous Vide Professional Chef Series Hot Water Circulator

Sous Vide Pro Chef Series

Description: If you’re serious about your Sous Vide cooking, you may want to consider using a tool like the Sous Vide Professional Chef Sseries hot water circulator. This tool is designed to clamp to the side of your tank or container. It is designed to be used in a tank with rounded or flat sides with a maximum capacity of 30 liters.
Sale Price:
2.Sous Vide Professional Creative Series

Sous Vide Professional Creative Series

Description: The Sous Vide Professional Creative Series immersion circulator attaches to the side of a round or square pot or tank with a capacity of up to 20 liters (5.3 gallons). This is perfect for Sous Vide cooking as it keeps the water even and within 0.1 degree Celsius of the target temperature.
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External Vacuum Sealers

1.Minipack Mini 2010 Vacuum Sealer
Closeout Product - While Supplies Last!

Minipack Mini 2010 Vacuum Sealer

Description: The Minipack Mini 2010 is a commercial grade small vacuum sealer that's perfect for sealing food items and other non-liquid perishable goods.
Max. Seal Length:16.5"
Seal Width:N/A
Sale Price:

Heat Plate Food Wrappers

1.Minipack Ministretch

Minipack Ministretch

Description: The Ministretch is extremely automated. It automatically wraps the plastic around the food tray and seals the plastic shut. All the operator has to do is put the tray in the machine and pull down the hood.
Heat Plate Size:11.50" x 9.25"
Operation Type:Semi-Automatic
Sale Price:
2.Minipack Minispenser

Minipack Minispenser

Description: If you are a food retailer and are in need of a packaging solution for your poultry, pork, beef, fruits and vegetables, the Minpack Minispenser is an excellent option. This hot plate stretch wrapper works like most traditional hot plat wrappers.
Heat Plate Size:--
Operation Type:Manual
Sale Price:

Mail Bagging Systems

1.Minipack Mail Bag Digit

Minipack Mail Bag Digit

Description: The Mail Bag Digit is the ideal machine to wrap newspapers, catalogues, bulletins and overall publications. It only uses one film roll of clear or printed polyethylene (max. thickness 30 microns), placed on a motorized roller.
Speed:Wraps 20 per minute
Package Size:6.25 x 9.75
Sale Price:

Hot Water Shrink Tanks / Dip Tanks

1.Minipack MDT 60

Minipack MDT 60

Description: Minipack MDT hot water dip tanks are some of the toughest on the market. Featuring a 220 pound dip capacity, the MDT 60 is perfect for commercial / industrial use. This hot water dip tank features a 25 gallon water capacity and has a maximum submersion depth of 8.6”.
Platform Size:19.7"W x 23.6"L x 16.5"H
Tank Volume:25 Gallons
Sale Price:
2.MiniPack MDT 100

MiniPack MDT 100

Description: The Minipack MDT 100 hot water dip tank has a large 41-gallon capacity and features a dip depth of 8.6”. It includes its own integrated heating system and can be operated at a maximum temperature of 203 degrees Fahrenheit. This machine operates quickly and is excellent for industrial daily use applications.
Platform Size:23.60"W x 31.50"L x 16.50"H
Tank Volume:41 Gallons
Sale Price:

Shrink Wrap Systems With Tunnel

1.This is a highly recommended product based on its track record and reliability.
Minipack RP55 Shrink Wrap Machine

Minipack RP55 Shrink Wrap Machine

Description: The Minipack RP55 is an industrial grade shrink wrap machine that can be used to package just about anything that will fit in a 20.00" x 16.00" x 8.00" area. It can use either a 24" wide roll of PVC or Polyolefin shrink film up to 10" in diameter. The nice sealing area allows you to easily package CDs, DVDs, books, paper, Blu-rays, boxes, baskets and much more.
Sealer:20" x 16" x 8"
(508mm x 406mm x 203mm)
Speed:5 items per min.
Sale Price:
2.Minipack FM760 System

Minipack FM760 System

Description: The Minipack FM760 is the latest shrink wrap system from Minipack. This robust machine is available in a stainless steel configuration and features one of the largest sealing chambers available in this price range.
Sealer:22"x 17.5" x 10"
Speed:9 wraps per minute
Sale Price:
3.Minipack Modular 50 Shrink Wrap Machine

Minipack Modular 50 Shrink Wrap Machine

Description: If you need speed in your packaging operations, the Minipack Modular 50 impulse L-bar sealer may be just the machine for you. This efficient shrink wrap sealer includes a film dispenser, tearless mirco perforators, a waste winder and a large sealing bar with a 22.00" x 16.00" x 9.00" sealing area.
Sealer:22"W x 16"L x 9"H
Speed:Upto 16 items per min.
Sale Price:
4.Minipack RP85 Shrink Wrap Machine

Minipack RP85 Shrink Wrap Machine

Description: Integrated L-bar sealers with heat tunnels are some of the fastest and most efficient shrink wrap machines on the market. They combine sealing and shrinking in one single operation. In the case of the Minipack RP85, this results in the ability to create 6 wraps per minute.
Sealer:31.5" x 19.5" x 7.75"
Speed:Up to 6 per minute
Sale Price:
5.Minipack Media Auto Shrink Wrap System

Minipack Media Auto Shrink Wrap System

Description: Few commercial shrink wrap machines offer the speed and efficiency of the Minipack Media high-speed shrink wrap machine. This machine has a large sealing area (22.00" x 16.00" x 9.00") that allows you to package a wide range of books, CDs, boxes and more.
Sealer:22" x 16.5" x 9.5"
Speed:Up to 16 wraps per/min.
Sale Price:

Heat Shrink Tunnels

1.Minipack Tunnel 70

Minipack Tunnel 70

Chamber Opening:27" x 15"
Features:Click for details
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2.Minipack Tunnel 50 Twin

Minipack Tunnel 50 Twin

Description: The Minipack Tunnel 50 Twin is a high production shrink wrap unit designed for smaller products like DVDs, CDs, books and more. The Tunnel 50 Twin has a dual heating chamber with separate adjustments for each.
Chamber Opening:17.5" x 10"
Features:Click for details
Sale Price:
3.Minipack Tunnel 50

Minipack Tunnel 50

Description: The Tunnel 50 Shrink Wrap System is ideal for fulfilling an assortment of packaging requirements. The Tunnel 50 is compatible with most types of shrink films giving you greater flexibility.
Chamber Opening:17.5" x 10"
Features:Click for details
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