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Numbering Machines, Stamps & Equipment

We have a great selection of manual and automatic numbering machines & supplies. Our equipment is designed to make it easy to stamp and label paperwork, multi-sheet forms and other material. Many of our machines can be set up for sequential, duplicate, triplicate settings and more. Our higher-end machines & equipment can even be set up for vertical, horizontal and custom number stamping and imprinting. Take a look at our great selection and order today!

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Numbering Machines

1.Royal Numbering Machine
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Royal Numbering Machine

Description: The Royall numbering machine is a great solution for all your numbering needs. Five, six or seven numbering wheel models are available with seven movements to number consecutive, duplicate, triplicate, quadruplicate, sextuplicate, repeat and twelve times. The Royall numbering machine includes ink with an applicator nozzle.
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2.Acroprint EN Numbering Stamp

Acroprint EN Numbering Stamp

Description: The Acroprint EN is a six digit numbering machine with an auto advance feature. This unit can be customized to print numbers up to 11 digits long. The number is set via a type wheel. The EN is part of the ET series of heavy-duty desktop stamps. They feature adjustable printer control, so you can print on a wide range of documents up to ¼-inch thick.
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3.Widmer N-3 Numbering Machine

Widmer N-3 Numbering Machine

Description: The model N-3 numbering machine is a very fast and efficient method of numbering and dating invoices, purchase orders and documents of all types. It eliminates the need for pre-numbered forms, and is a versatile and economical way to control your paperwork flow.
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4.ND-3 Automatic Numbering & Date Machine

ND-3 Automatic Numbering & Date Machine

Description: The ND-3 numbering machine is a very fast and efficient method of numbering and dating invoices, purchase orders and documents of all types. It eliminates the need for pre-numbered forms, and is a versatile and economical way to control your paperwork flow. Inserting paper activates the trigger for split second stamping. A new, open throat allows greater accessibility.
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5.Tablematic Plus Numbering Machine

Tablematic Plus Numbering Machine

Description: Tablematic Plus with its proven track record, provides a convenient, economical way to number. Easy to set up by any operator, and is designed to accommodate small jobs for quick delivery to your customers.
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6.iNumber Numbering Machine

iNumber Numbering Machine

Description: The Count iNumber numbering machine is a hand feed automatic numbering machine that is perfect for stamping and numbering a variety of document types. This machine is one of the most modern and easy to set up numbering machines out on the market. It features an intuitive design that allows for touch screen set up.
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7.Count Number Pro Plus Numbering Machine

Count Number Pro Plus Numbering Machine

Description: If you need a machine that can number, perforate and score the Count Number Pro Plus may be the numbering machine for you. This friction-feed system is automated and capable of number stamping anywhere on a document's surface. The stamping head is extremely quick and precise, capable of stamping up to 10 times per print head per sheet of paper.
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8.Accunumber Numbering Machine

Accunumber Numbering Machine

Description: If you need a high-end numbering machine with air feed capabilities, the Count Machinery Accunumber is a great option. This machine uses an air-feed function that allows it to work with most types of paper. Not only does this machine number documents, it also has the ability to perforate and score documents, making it a great tool for finishing promotional material and other literature.
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Date, Time, and Number Stamp Machines

1.Acroprint E Document Stamp

Acroprint E Document Stamp

Description: The model E series electric stamps provide an efficient, cost effective way to register your custom message on your important documents. The model E is easily adjustable and is capable of printing on a wide range of document. The stamp head is designed to stamp through multi-page carbon packs. Action notations such as received, filed or shipped can also be printed on documents.
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2.DN-3 Date and Numbering Machine

DN-3 Date and Numbering Machine

Description: Widmer DN-3 Numbering Stamp. Has date and six digit consecutive number.
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3.776D Date, Time & Numbering Machine

776D Date, Time & Numbering Machine

Description: Date, Time and 6 Digit Consecutive Numbering
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Rotary Numbering System

1.SRN-9X Suction Rotary Numbering System

SRN-9X Suction Rotary Numbering System

Description: The Standard SRN-9X is a proven, high-speed suction-feed rotary numbering system that produces clear number definition, even through multiple part sets, by ensuring positive point contact and easy platen pressure adjustment.
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