Best Machine For Moving, Transporting and Lifting A Pallet

So you work in a warehouse or a loading dock and need a good way to move a pallet. There are a few ways of doing this, including both manual and electric solutions. I am going to recommend a few machines from Interthor that you may want to consider for your daily pallet moving and lifting needs.

The machine you use to move and lift pallets will depend entirely on the volume you are moving, how high you need to move a pallet and your budget will determine the machine you use. Here are a few of the pallet lifting and moving products we offer:

Manual Pallet Trucks and MoversManual Pallet Trucks / Movers – These handy little machines are one of the most common found in a warehouse. You have probably even seen them used at your local grocery or department store. These pallet movers aren’t used for lifting pallets from one shelf to another, but rather for moving a pallet from one location to another. You can find our manual pallet trucks and movers here.

Electric Pallet Movers and TransportersElectric Pallet Lifters and Transporters – These handy machines are similar to the manual pallet movers mentioned above, but can lift pallets a little higher and do this by use of an electric motor. They also have wheels, making it easy to move pallets around.  These are ideal for machine feeding /offloading and load unitizing / palletizing. You will find our Interthor electric pallet transporters here.

Pallet Trans Stacker / Load StackerTrans Stackers and Load Stackers – These machines are used to lift and move pallets and products from one level to another. This includes both straddle and fork over designs. Most of these machines are designed to work on narrow isles. You will find our Interthor pallet trans stackers here.

Thork Lift Pallet Lifter from InterthorScissor-Style Pallet Lifters – These pallet lifters use a patented system for stability to lift and move pallets, with some capable of lifting up to 3,300 pounds. These are ideal for use with skids and open bottom pallets. You can find our Interthor “Thork-Lift” pallet lifters and transporters here.

We have a great staff of experts here that is very knowledgeable when it comes to moving, lifting and transporting pallets. Feel free to call 1-800-658-8788 to speak with one of them.


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