Counting Mixed Bills & Bill Discriminators

Mixed Bill Counter / Currency DiscriminatorI have a lot of customers ask me, “Do bill counters tell the difference between dollar values?” The quick answer is that most bill counters do not distinguish the difference between denominations. There are many reasons for this.

To begin with, creating a coin counter that sorts coins and a bill counter that sorts bills are two different challenges. Coin counters get away with this easily because coins come in different sizes. Bills do not. Building a bill counter that can tell the difference between bill values isn’t cheap.

Most people who use bill counters do not need a machine that sorts bills. Most retail stores, shops and businesses have bills pre-sorted in cash drawers. Most of these businesses simply need to find out how many bills of each denomination there are. This is what most bill counters do. They tell you the total number of bills counted, not the value.

Does a machine exist that can tell the difference between bill values? Yes. These machines are called bill discriminators or mixed bill counters. The Klopp PLUS Banking Systems P-624 is an example of a bill discriminator that we carry.

Standard bill counters, other than distinguishing value, get the job done for most people. Many standard bill counters even include counterfeit detection.

Do you still have questions about bill counters? Try reading our bill counter guide found here. You can also speak with one of our money counting specialists by calling 1-800-658-8788. You can find our entire selection of bill counters here.

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