How To Use A Paper Folding Machine

Paper Folding MachinesPaper folding machines make letter folding and other types of paper folding quick, simple and easy. These machines literally save hours upon hours of time over manually folding paper.

The most commonly used paper folding machine is the friction-feed folding machine. This guide will help you learn how to set up your machine.

Whether you have recently lost your manual or are interested in purchasing a paper folding machine, this guide will help you get up and going and become familiarized with the general idea of the friction-feed paper folder. I have personally found that once you know how to use one folding machine, it is generally pretty simple to set up and use another.

To begin with, here is a general breakdown of the standard fiction feed paper folding machine. Keep in mind that this is a basic diagram and may not apply to your machine.

Paper Folding Machine Cross View

Now I will show you how to set up your paper folding machine and start letter folding in just 7 easy steps. You’ll be surprised just how little work is needed to get one of these machines running.

Using A Paper Folding Machine In 7 Easy Steps

Step 1. Look over your machine and familiarize yourself as to where the power switch is, folding plates are located and how the feed tray works.

Folding Machine Step 1

Step 2. Most folding machines have a grid or diagram printed somewhere on the machine to indicate where the folding plates need to be set for certain types of folds. Find this and determine where the folding plates need to be set for your fold. In this case I am creating a letter fold.

Folding Machine Step 2

Step 3. Adjust your folding plates. This will involve two separate plates, usually located on opposite sides of the machine.

Folding Machine Step 3

Step 4. Now you’ll want to adjust the side guides on the feed tray to accommodate the paper you are using. In this case I am using standard 8 ½” x 11″ letter-size paper.

Folding Machine Step 4

Step 5. Place your stack of paper in the machine. Most folding machines will handle at least 100 sheets, with some high-end models capable of holding up to 500.

Folding Machine Step 5

Step 6.
Turn your folding machine on for a few seconds and examine the end results. Some folding machines have a “test” button. If the fold is off, make adjustments to the folding plates. If everything looks good, turn the machine on and let it fold the paper.

Folding Machien Step 6

Step 7.
Once completed, you are ready to load another stack of paper.

Folding Machine Step 7

Not too bad, right? While the amount of time will vary from machine to machine, I’ve found that the entire process generally takes about 10 minutes. This of course depends on the experience of the operator.

You can find our entire selection of new paper folding machines here. Please feel free to call us at 1-800-658-8788 with any paper folder questions. Have a great day and happy folding!

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