Is It Possible To Fold Laminated Paper?

Paper Creasing and Scoring MachinesI have had people ask me if you can laminate folded paper (addressed here), but I recently had someone ask if you can fold laminated paper. I suppose this is the other side of the coin. So can it be done? You bet, but you’re going to need a special tool.

Have you ever heard of a paper scorer? Paper scoring machines are special machines designed to crease paper for folding. These machines are generally reserved for use on thick cardstock or laminated documents.

How does a paper scoring machine work? They use a fine edge (or rolling wheel), along with a lot of pressure, to crease the paper. Once a paper scoring machine has been used on laminated paper, there will be a long creased line along the document. This crease makes it easy to fold the document. The crease, or fold, is clean and non-wrinkled. The end results look great!

Rotary Paper Scoring MachineSo in what kind of a situation would you need to fold a laminated document? An example would be a restaurant menu. Laminated menus look great, but once laminated, often need to be folded. Some restaurants bypass this and simply use a large non-folded laminated menu. If you want to fold that menu, however, you must use a paper scorer.

Traditional paper folding machines cannot handle laminated paper. Not only would the end results look horrible, most paper folding machines have a hard enough time handling glossy and coated paper.

Paper scoring machines come in manual and automatic designs. You can find our entire selection of paper scoring machines and creasers here. Good luck!

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