Is an Excess Film Winder Necessary for Shrink Wrap Machines?

Shrink Wrap Machine Excess Film WinderI spoke with a customer about a week ago regarding the Minipack Galileo and the optional excess film winder. His question was, “Is the excess film winder something I really need or is just money wasted?” I have personally used shrink wrap machines with and without film winders and this is the answer I gave him.

To begin with, let me explain exactly what an excess film winder is. A film winder is a round drum-like spool that is typically located on the bottom of a shrink wrap machine. The drum is much like a cable spool that you would see electrical wire, coaxial cable or cat5e wire wrapped around. The main purpose of this spool is to contain excess film that is cut off during the shrink wrapping process.

To put it simple, a film winder helps contain the mess left behind during  the shrink wrap process. Is it necessary? No. Is it nice? Yes. Whether or not you use one depends a lot on how much material you are shrink wrapping. In my own shrink wrapping experience, I have found the winder to be more of a convenience than a necessity, however, packaging volume is the real determining factor.

If you will be packaging fewer than 50 items a day, a winder really isn’t necessary and is definitely more of a convenience. If you will be packaging hundreds to thousands of items a day, you may want to seriously consider using an excess film winder as excess shrink film will really begin to make a lot of clutter.

Many of our L-bar shrink wrap machines allow the option to use a film winder. You can find our entire selection of L-bar shrink wrap machines here. If you don’t see a film winder on the machine you need, call us at 1-800-658-8788 and well see if one is available.

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