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We Accept Company and Government Purchase Orders!
ABC Office offers the latest technology in Sora MyVoice (MiVoice) digital voice recorders. Record times range from 2 hours to 18 hours. These digital voice recorders are perfect to help keep you organized in the home, office or on the go. Order your digital voice recorder today!
ABC Office has a great selection of Soleus portable air conditioning units that are designed to be used in the office or home without any permanent installation requirements. Soleus portable air conditioners are some of the most energy efficient air conditioning units available today, with most utilizing modern-day evaporative technology. These units are very user friendly and very affordable. Many of our Soleus portable AC units have built-in heaters as well, for year-round use. Save yourself money, keep your office cool and order your Soleus portable air conditioner from ABC Office today!
Whether you're at home or in the office, it's always nice to have a nice warm work environment. Whether you're building heating doesn't work, or you simply like to be warmer than your fellow co-workers, you can benefit from using one of our reliable Soleus brand office heaters. Choose from a variety of devices that feature technology ranging from radiant, halogen, convection, micathermic or halogen heating. Our prices are low and our customer service can't be beat. Place your order today!
Capable of removing both particles gasses and odors, our air purifiers use over 60 sq. ft of Medical HEPA and over 15 lbs. Of Carbon Zeolite to produce clean air for up to 1500 sq ft. We have machines designed especially to remove pet dander, to remove pollen and other seasonal allergens, and even offer more compact models for nurseries or home offices. Don't let poor air quality effect the quality of your life any longer.
Fans create a relaxing and productive work environment. Whether you are in the office, or at home, our great selection of Soleus brand fans will fit right in. Our Soleus fans are made from high quality parts, designed with safety in mind. Chose from oscillating fans, fans with remote controls and built-in timers. We carry both desktop and floor designs. These fans are also built with safety in mind. Order yours today!
Stamp documents with numbers with our numbering machines. We sell manual and fully automatic numbering machines. Stamp numbers in consecutive, duplicate, triplicate, sequential, repeat numbering and more.
Keep your employees hydrated and focussed by providing them with cool, refreshing water anytime. Our water coolers have both hot and cold water spouts and both top-load and bottom-load coolers are available.
Our text stamps are designed to quickly and precisely stamp text on a wide variety of documents. A micro switch that senses paper triggers the stamp. This allows you to stamp very quickly
Save money and protect the environment by using an automatic hand dryer in your facility. Eliminate paper towels and produce a more clean and sanitary workplace.
We carry a wide variety of trash cans and waste receptacles to meet your buildings needs. We carry indoor and outdoor models. Order your trash cans today!.
Stanchions - Keep crowds organized during conventions, concerts, movies and other events with a public guidance system. These portable barriers use a belt that can be attached to other posts to provide a clearly defined line for people. Purchase your stanchions today.
Date and time stamp machines are great for imprinting and stamping legal documents, contracts and other material. Choose from a wide variety of machines, accessories and supplies.
Scrapbook Supplies - At ABC Office we have a wide variety of products to help you with your scrapbooking needs. We sell laminators that help protect photos, paper cutters to trim memorabilia to size, corner rounders, binding machines, scrapbook punches and more. We have gathered a list of our most popular products used for making scrapbooks. Everything you see listed here will help streamline the scrapbooking process. We have guaranteed low prices on all our scrapbooking supplies and scrapbook products. Order your scrapbook supplies today!
Office Preparedness - During a disaster you need the basics of survival until organized help arrives. Order your 72 Hour Kit today!
Many of these typewriters include features such as LCD screens and spell check. All our Royal brand typewriters are very easy to use, work with most forms and can be easily placed in any office environment. Take a look at our wide variety of typewriters and order your own today!
Keep your floors spotless with these robotic floor cleaners. These one touch operation floor cleaners make cleaning simple. Once started, these robotic cleaners with will automatically go around the room cleaning surfaces such as wood, linoleum, tile, marble & even carpet.
We offer a great selection of products designed to make office life a little easier and assist in daily office operations. Our product line includes portable office air conditioners, tabletop and pedestal fans, trash cans, numbering machines, office preparedness kits and much more. These products are available to you at a guaranteed low price. Browse through our great selection and place your order today!