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Automated Paper Perforators


Questions? Check Out Our Perforator and Scorer Guide.

Perforators are perfect for making in-house coupons, tear-outs and more. The perforating wheel punches a line of holes making any document easy to tear out. Paper scorers easily crease paper, making it easy to fold or bend. Paper scorers are ideal for making cards, table tents and more! We have guaranteed low prices on all our paper perforating and scoring equipment. Order your perforator or scorer today!


Manual Paper Scoring and Perforating

4 Items In This Section

1. Carl Professional Trimmer Kit

Carl Professional Trimmer Kit

Description: The Carl RT-200N is an extremely affordable rotary paper trimmer. It looks great, is easy to use and makes trimming simple. The RT-200N is made from recycled material and the black / metal finish looks excellent.
Maximum Score / Perf Length:12"
Perfs per inch:15 sheets
Sale Price:

2. This is a highly recommended product based on its track record and reliability.
Carl RT-200 Rotary Perforator

Carl RT-200 Rotary Perforator

Description: The Carl RT-200 perforator kit is one of the most affordable and versatile manual perforators on the market. This perforator uses a rotary-style perforating wheel. Simply insert your paper, align the cutter and slide the perforating wheel across the paper. In just seconds you have a single straight perforated line.
Maximum Score / Perf Length:12" / 18"
Perfs per inch:10 sheets
Sale Price:

3. Lassco-Wizer W630 Score II 19.5"

Lassco-Wizer W630 Score II 19.5"

Description: The Score II paper scorer easily scores and perforates paper. This machine operates much like rotary paper cutter, with a scoring and perforating head that slides along a bar. This machine is capable of scoring multiple sheets at a time and can handle paper stock from 16 lb. to cover stock.
Maximum Score / Perf Length:19 1/2"
Perfs per inch:10
Sale Price:

4. Lassco-Wizer W635 Score II 25"

Lassco-Wizer W635 Score II 25"

Description: The Lassco-Wizer W635 Score II is an effective and affordable way to score and perforate paper. This manually-operated machine is extremely easy to set up and use. Simply place your paper on the base and run the perforating or scoring blade across the paper. Multiple perforations and scores can be created through multiple passes.
Maximum Score / Perf Length:25"
Perfs per inch:10
Sale Price:


Electric Paper Scoring and Perforating

3 Items In This Section

1. Martin Yale SP100 Scorer/Perforator

Martin Yale SP100 Scorer/Perforator

Description: The Martin Yale SP100 perforating and scoring machine is an affordable and easy-to-use machine. A single perforator and single scoring blade are included. Adjusting the perforation or score is done by adjusting the side guides. It can be used to create tent style business cards, occasion cards and/or tickets. Multiple perforations and scores can be created by means of multiple passes.
Speed:500 sheets
Width Capacity:11"
Sale Price:

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2. Count PerfMaster Perforator/Scorer

Count PerfMaster Perforator/Scorer

Description: The Count PerfMaster is one of the most recommended and most reliable paper perforators and scorers on the market. This is due in part to the excellent build quality and how easy it is to set up and operate. Simply set up the perforating and scoring wheels where you need them and start up the PerfMaster. The machine will do the rest.
Speed:26,000 sheets
Width Capacity:19"
Sale Price:

3. Formax FD 572 Cut Sheet Cutter
GSA pricing available for this product.

Formax FD 572 Cut Sheet Cutter

Description: Do you need to quickly, accurately and professionally cut up to 50 forms per minute? You may want to consider using the Formax FD 572 cut sheet cutter. This automated machine is very easy to use and features an excellent build quality. The FD 572 is pre-programmed with 6 paper cutting sizes and has a memory capable of storing up to 100 different custom jobs. This automated machine can be used to cut, slit or perforate documents. It can be used with paper ranging from 2.5" x 4" up to 16.5" x 18".
Speed:50 ft/min
Width Capacity:Guillotine Cutter
Sale Price:


Combo Numbering Machine and Scorer / Perforator

4 Items In This Section

1. Count Number Pro Plus Numbering Machine

Count Number Pro Plus Numbering Machine

Description: If you need a machine that can number, perforate and score the Count Number Pro Plus may be the numbering machine for you. This friction-feed system is automated and capable of number stamping anywhere on a document's surface. The stamping head is extremely quick and precise, capable of stamping up to 10 times per print head per sheet of paper.
Strike Location:
Sale Price:

2. Count Auto Pro Plus I

Count Auto Pro Plus I

Description: Simultaneously perforate, score and stamp paper from 4" x 4" up to 18" x 18" in just seconds with the versatile Count Auto Pro Plus I. This automated machine features a state-of-the-art control panel that makes it very easy to set up precision perforations, scoring and numbering. The numbering crash head is capable of going through up to 8 part carbonless forms.
Speed:19,000 sph
Strike Location:4 total in register 1/10"
Sale Price:

3. Count Auto Pro Plus II Scorer/Perforator

Count Auto Pro Plus II Scorer/Perforator

Description: Do you need a high-end paper perforator that also has numbering capabilities? Consider using the Count Auto Pro Plus II. This dual head numbering machine can quickly perforate or score paper and then create up to 20 impressions per sheet of paper (10 per head). The control panel on this machine is very easy to use and the microprocessor produces precise and intricate perforations, scores and numbers.
Speed:19,000 sph
Strike Location:20 total in register .01"
Sale Price:

4. Accunumber Numbering Machine

Accunumber Numbering Machine

Description: If you need a high-end numbering machine with air feed capabilities, the Count Machinery Accunumber is a great option. This machine uses an air-feed function that allows it to work with most types of paper. Not only does this machine number documents, it also has the ability to perforate and score documents, making it a great tool for finishing promotional material and other literature.
Strike Location:
Sale Price:


Text Perforation

1 Items In This Section

1. Widmer P-400 Manual Perforators

Widmer P-400 Manual Perforators

Description: Perforate text words and messages into paper, card stock and much more with the Widmer P-400 text perforator. Several different models are available depending on what you need perforated. This includes PAID, VOID, CANCEL and Spanish text phrases such as PAGADO and CANCELADO. The P-400U allows you to choose a word up to 5-6 characters of your choice.
Maximum Capacity:
Starting at:
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