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Traco Standard SS Super Sealer I-Bar Shrink Wrap Machine

Includes HotShot Heat Gun
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Do you need the ability to quickly package DVDs, CDs, boxes, packages and even pizza? You may want to consider using the Traco Standard SuperSealer, one of our best-selling I-bar shrink wrap machines. To date, there are over 150,000 SuperSealers in circulation. This system comes with just about everything you need to get started, minus the film. This includes a two roller bars that help support a roll of centerfold shrink wrap film, a long and easy-to-use sealing bar and a HotShot heat gun.

Using the Traco Standard SuperSealer is easy. Place your product in between the centerfold shrink film, let the machine cut the film around the product and use the heat gun to shrink the film. This system can be used with either PVC or Polyolefin shrink film. The SuperSealer is available in several different sizes. Take advantage of this great price and order yours today!

Traco SuperSealer I-Bar Sealer Review

Item Price Lease to Own Price Quantity Add to Cart
SS-13SS 13-Inch Model

Condition: New

Item #: SHKE13SS

$228.34 Leasing Not Available
SS-18SS 18-Inch Model

Condition: New

Item #: SHKE18SS

$257.74 Leasing Not Available
SS-24SS 24-Inch Model

Condition: New

Item #: SHKE24SS

$276.36 Leasing Not Available
SS-32SS 32-Inch Model

Condition: New

Item #: SHKE32SS

$320.46 Leasing Not Available
SS-40SS 40-Inch Model

Condition: New

Item #: SHKE40SS

$339.08 Leasing Not Available
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Product Details

  • No assembly required.
  • Unit is ready when you are, no warm-up or cool down time.
  • Outlet on main unit for heat gun.
  • Dual temperature ultra-light industrial heat gun (500º / 1,000º).
  • Long lasting silicone sponge pad lays securely in "C" channel.
  • Heat resistant Formica base.
  • Spreader bracket separates film allowing product to be easily inserted into the pocket of film.
  • Spring loaded, double ball bearing rollers with brake for smooth, effortless dispensing of shrink-film (can be adjusted for
  • 3" core or 1 1/2" core).
  • Unit will operate with all types of shrink film (PE, PVC, PO). Rocker Switch (on/off). Easy grip knob.
  • Shrink wrap film sold separately.

Traco SS Super Sealer Video Demo

    (Traco DS Deluxe Super Sealer Shown)

Options & Accessories

  • Super Sealer Replacement Parts Kit
  • Views Options
  • 3 Mil Teflon Tape For Super Sealers 10 Yard Roll
  • $47.47
  • 10 Mil Teflon Tape For Super Sealers 10 Yard Roll
  • $58.83
  • Traco HotShot Shrinkwrap Heat Gun
  • $56.84

    Equipment Service Plan

    Service plans available on new products only that are sold within the 48 contiguous states. Service plans cover labor and non-wearable machine parts. Please click here for more information.
    Read more about this plan here.

    SS-13SS 13-Inch Model
  • Annual Service Agreement
  • $50.00
    SS-18SS 18-Inch Model
  • Annual Service Agreement
  • $50.00
    SS-24SS 24-Inch Model
  • Annual Service Agreement
  • $50.00
    SS-32SS 32-Inch Model
  • Annual Service Agreement
  • $50.00
    SS-40SS 40-Inch Model
  • Annual Service Agreement
  • $50.86

    Technical Details

    Traco SS Super Sealer
    Model:SS-13SS SS-18SS SS-24SS SS-32SS SS-40SS
    Watts 168 W 306 W 437 W 570 W 604 W
    Power Supply 115 V 115 V 110 V 110 V 110 V
    Shipping Weight 18 lbs (8.2 kg) 22 lbs (10 kg) 25 lbs (11.3 kg) 30 lbs (13.6 kg) 35 lbs (15.9 kg)
    Warranty 2 Years on All Non Wearable Parts / 90 Days Only on Labor / 1 Year on Heat Gun
    Sealing Dimensions 13" or 330.2 mm 18" or 457.2 mm 24" or 609.6 mm 32" or 812.8 mm 40" or 1016 mm