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Electric Pallet Jacks, Stackers & Hand Trucks

Wide Selection Of Pallet Stackers, Trucks & Electric Pallet Jacks!

We Accept Company and Government Purchase Orders!
Hand trucks provide a simple, but effective, way to transport small loads. They can also fit into smaller spaces than traditional forked lifts or pallet jacks. We have guaranteed low prices on all our hand trucks. Order your hand truck today!
Our material transporters are great for lifting, moving and stacking pallets. These are great for feeding and offloading pallets. They are also ideal for transporting loads from one part of your warehouse to another. Order your electric pallet jack today!
Our pallet lifters and transporters are great for use with skids and open bottom pallets. Our pallet lifters stably lift and lower pallets up to 3300 pounds. These machines are a necessity in any warehouse. Order your Thork-Lift electric pallet jack today!
Our transporters/stackers are a perfect solution for moving heavy pallets from one shelf to another. Once under a pallet, our stackers can quickly lift and lower pallets. These are ideal for use in large warehouses where pallets are stacked or placed on shelves. Order your pallet stacker today!
Our pallet jacks quickly transport pallets from one location to another with ease. Once under a pallet, the pallet is lifted off the ground for easy transportation. These are always used and seen in warehouses, grocery stores, and other locations. With our low price guarantee you can be sure you are not overpaying for your pallet jack. Order your pallet truck today!
Save time and make your warehouse more efficient with an electric pallet jack, hand truck or pallet stacker from ABC Office. We have a wide selection of pallet lifts to choose from, with different models that will meet all your warehouse needs. Our products are available in a wide variety of colors and designs. Take a look at our wide selection of pallet jacks, and other pallet lifting equipment. Take advantage of our 30 day price match. Order your hand truck or electric pallet jack today!


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