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Booklet Maker / Bookletmaker FAQ

Booklet Makers / Bookletmakers       Booklet Makers / Bookletmakers       Booklet Makers / Bookletmakers       Booklet Makers / Bookletmakers       Booklet Makers / Bookletmakers       Booklet Makers / Bookletmakers

Booklet Makers / Bookletmakers

We have compiled a list of the most common booklet maker questions from our customers and have put them in this useful booklet maker FAQ. If you are trying to learn more about creating booklets, or are in the initial stages of looking for a booklet maker, this FAQ is perfect for you. Feel free to read through this. Give us a call at 1-800-658-8788 for more information on booklet making machines.

Why use a booklet maker?

Booklet makers are a fast and efficient way to create booklets. These are perfect for creating users? manuals, reports, small books and other documents. You can see an example of a booklet maker in use here.

Can I create a large book with a booklet maker?

Booklet makers are usually limited to around 10-20 sheets of paper, 20-40 pages. Booklet makers are great for small booklets and documents, but will not be able to create large books and novels.

Can I use regular staples in my booklet maker?

Most booklet makers use proprietary staples. This means you cannot use any box of staples. Most booklet makers have replacement staples or a link to replacement staples somewhere on the product page.

Can I use a collator with my booklet maker?

Some collators can be used inline with a booklet maker. It depends on the make and model. Using a collator with a booklet maker can dramatically increase the speed of booklet making.

What size of paper can I use with my booklet maker?

It depends on the machine, although most booklet makers can handle both 8 ? x 11 and 11 x 17-inch paper.

Do booklet makers require any special training?

Booklet makers are very easy to use. The do not require any special training, other than reading the manual, and do not require any special gear to use.

Are there any manually operated booklet makers?

We do have some manually assisted booklet makers that are very effective. An example would be the BookletMate booklet maker. The stapling is done manually, but the folding is done with a motor. This is a good option if you are doing low to medium-volume booklet making and are on a budget.

Are there any alternatives to using a booklet maker?

If you are unable to purchase a booklet maker, some people will use a combination of a paper folder and a saddle stapler. Both of these machines can be used effectively to create booklets, but the booklet making speed is reduced. First the paper is folded using the paper folder and then stapled along the crease using a saddle stapler.

Is there anything else you would recommend using with a booklet maker?

A paper jogger is useful for keeping the paper lined up prior to being run through the booklet maker. A paper cutter may also be needed if creating a 25 to 40-page booklet. This is because the overlapping papers may cause the bookends to be slightly skewed, requiring a paper cutter to square of the edges.

Which is the best booklet maker?

There are many booklet makers, made by reputable manufacturers, but it is difficult to label any make or model as the best. This is because so many variables come into play when picking a booklet maker. Some of these variables include paper thickness, size and volume. I can tell you that our customers have been very pleased with booklet makers from such manufacturers as ISP and MBM.

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