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Corner Rounders, Paper Punches and Rotary Trimmers by Carl

Carl manufactures some of our most popular paper cutters. Their paper cutters are designed for low to mid-volume use and are great for cutting paper, photographs and other documents. Carl?s line of paper cutters include arm and rotary style cutters. Carl has made their paper cutters easy to maintain, manufacturing blades that can be replaced without having to call a technician. Carl also manufactures other paper cutting equipment. We have guaranteed low prices on all our Carl products. Order yours today!

Two-Hole Paper Punches

1.HC-240 2-Hole Paper Punch

Item #: PUNEHC240

HC-240 2-Hole Paper Punch

Description: When shopping around for a 2-hole paper punch, don’t settle for a cheep piece of formed sheet metal, go with a high-quality hole punch like the Carl HC-240. This high-end manual paper punch an handle up to 40 sheets of paper at a time, punching paper in a 9/32” diameter.
Punch Size:9/32"
Punch Capacity:40 sheets
Sale Price:
2.Carl XHC-2100N 2-Hole Punch

Item #: PUNECUI62100

Carl XHC-2100N 2-Hole Punch

Description: The Carl XHC-2100N heavy-duty punch is made from recycled materials, features a built-in paper guide and uses a transparent receptacle tray, making it easy to see when it’s time to empty.
Punch Size:9/32"
Punch Capacity:100 Sheets
Sale Price:
3.Carl XHC-2100 Paper Punch

Item #: PUNEXHC2100

Carl XHC-2100 Paper Punch

 (3 reviews)

Description: Do you need a high capacity, heavy-duty 2-hole paper punch? Consider using the Carl XHC-2100. This heavy-duty hole punch has an impressive 100 sheet punching capacity (20# paper) and the ability to center holes on letter-size and legal-size documents.
Punch Size:9/32"
Punch Capacity:100 sheets of 20 lb. paper
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Sale Price:

3 Hole Paper Punches

1.Carl HC-340 3 Hole Punch

Item #: PUNEHC340

Carl HC-340 3 Hole Punch

Description: The Carl HC-340 is a beautiful and easy-to-use 3-hole paper punch. Designed for light to medium-duty use, this punch features three 9/32” that can punch through up to 40 sheets of 20lb paper at a time.
Punch Size:9/32"
Punch Capacity:40 sheets
Sale Price:
2.Carl XHC-150N 3-Hole Punch

Item #: PUNECUI63150

Carl XHC-150N 3-Hole Punch

Description: The Carl XHC-150N heavy-duty paper punch can 3-hole punch up to 150N sheets of paper at a time! This is extremely fast and efficient and makes short work of large stacks of paper. It even includes a preset position for standard three-ring binders.
Punch Size:9/32"
Punch Capacity:40 sheets
Sale Price:
3.Carl XHC-3300 Extra Heavy-Duty Paper Punch

Item #: PUNEXHC3300

XHC-3300 3-Hole Punch

Description: The Carl HXC-3300 is the toughest three-hole paper punch out there. It is made from heavy-duty materials, making it possible to drill through up to 300 sheets of paper in a single pass. Few, if any, paper punches offer this much punching capacity. The Carl XHC-3300 is perfect for office use and is ideal for punching reports for placement in 3-ring binders.
Punch Size:9/32"
Punch Capacity:300 sheets of 20 lb. paper
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Sale Price:

Security Key Cabinets

1.CKB-32 Secuity Key Cabinet

Item #: SECECKB32

CKB-32 Secuity Key Cabinet

Description: The Carl CKB-32 security key cabinet can hold up to 32 separate keys. This is ideal for keeping tabs of keys and ensuring that they are properly organized and accounted for.
Key Holders:32
Sale Price:
2.CKB-48 Security Key Cabinet

Item #: SECECKB48

CKB-48 Security Key Cabinet

Description: The Carl CKB-48, makes it easy to organize, distribute and keep tabs on keys. The color key tags and color hangers add to this cabinet’s efficiency. The CKB-48 can hold a maximum of 48 keys.
Key Holders:48
Sale Price:
3.CKB-64 Security Key Cabinet

Item #: SECECKB64

CKB-64 Security Key Cabinet

Description: The Carl CKB-64 is one of the larges security key cabinets available today. It is able to securely hold up to 64 separate keys. The design of the CKB-64 is perfect for keeping things running smoothing and organized.
Key Holders:64
Sale Price:

Manual Paper Scoring and Perforating

1.Carl Professional Trimmer Kit

Item #: CUTERT200N_KIT

Carl Professional Trimmer Kit

Description: The Carl RT-200N is an extremely affordable rotary paper trimmer. It looks great, is easy to use and makes trimming simple. The RT-200N is made from recycled material and the black / metal finish looks excellent.
Maximum Score / Perf Length:12"
Perfs per inch:15 sheets
Sale Price:
2.Carl RT-200 Rotary Perforator Kit

Item #: CUTERT200_KIT

Carl RT-200 Rotary Perforator Kit

Description: The Carl RT-200 perforator kit is one of the most affordable and versatile manual perforators on the market. This perforator uses a rotary-style perforating wheel. Simply insert your paper, align the cutter and slide the perforating wheel across the paper. In just seconds you have a single straight perforated line.
Maximum Score / Perf Length:12" / 18"
Perfs per inch:10 sheets
More Details
Highly Recommended.Recommended
Sale Price:

Currency Racks and Bill Organizers

1.CB-8350 Security Box

Item #: MONECB8350

CB-8350 Security Box

Description: The Carl CB-8350 lock box measures in at 7 ¼” W x 3” H x 7 1/5” D. This secure box is perfect for storing, holding and securing products such as wallets, jewelry, cell phones and more. The CB-8350 is designed to be safe and modern, featuring no sharp edges.
Sale Price:
2.CB-8550 Secuity Lock Box

Item #: MONECB8550

CB-8550 Secuity Lock Box

Description: The Carl CB-8550 Security Box is the perfect way for you or your business to conveniently and safely hold cash, coins, jewelry, important documents and other valuables. This security box features a dual lock system, which includes a key lock and a dial combination lock.
Sale Price:
3.CB-8650 Security Lock Box

Item #: MONECB8650

CB-8650 Security Lock Box

Description: The Carl CB-8650 is currently the largest locking security box we offer. It features a removable cash / coin drawer and has a beautiful blue color scheme. It measures in at 11.5” W x 5”H x 9” D.
Sale Price:
5.Carl DC-250 Rotary Cutters

Item #: CUTEDC250

Carl DC-250 Rotary Cutters

 (1 review)

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11.Carl RT-200 and RT-218 Rotary Paper Trimmers

Item #: CUTERT200

Carl RT-200 and RT-218 Rotary Paper Trimmers

 (3 reviews)

Highly Recommended.Recommended
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17.Carl CP-6A Corner Rounder

Item #: CUTECP6A

Carl CP-6A Corner Rounder

 (1 review)

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Small Paper Trimmers ( 18" or less )

1.Carl CC-10 Handheld Rotary Cutter

Item #: CUTECC10

Carl CC-10 Handheld Rotary Cutter

Description: The Carl CC-10 rolling paper cutter is a pizza-cutter-like rotary cutter that is handheld for cutting paper, photographs and more. One of the biggest benefits of the CC-10 is the HUGE selection of optional cutting blades.
Cutting Length:N/A
Cutting Capacity:1 sheets
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Sale Price:

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