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You are being redirected to ABC Office. Why? has joined their sister company ABC Office to provide our customers with a greater product selection, while offering the same great prices and service you have come to love and expect!If you have questions or concerns during this transition please give us a call at 1-800-658-8788, or email us at

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Cash Register Guide

Royal Alpha 1750 Cash Register

Why use a cash register?

Cash registers are used to keep track of customer transactions. They are available in a wide variety of formats and designs. Some cash registers simply help calculate prices, others include tax and most include a cash drawer that holds bills, coins, receipts and checks. Cash registers are also known as POS systems or point-of-sale systems and are great for handling currency.

Before cash registers became widely used, calculators, pens and paper were used to record transactions. This is very time consuming and inefficient. As we have moved to a computer-driven society, cash registers now help keep track of purchases, calculate tax, calculate change, store department codes and product codes.

Speed is also an advantage. Cash registers allow you to quickly check-out customers, allowing a higher flow of customers and cash to enter through your store. Cash registers with a scanner speed transactions up even more with the ability to quickly enter a product into the cash register. Cash registers are an absolute necessity for any retailer or store owner.
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Things to consider before purchasing a cash register:

How big is your business?

Cash registers are available with a wide array of functions and abilities. If you have a larger department store, you may have need for department and product codes to be built in to the register. Smaller stores have no need for department codes. Larger businesses will also want to have the use of a product code scanner. Always be sure, before buying a cash register, that it will also support your future needs as well.

What functions do you need?

Different registers are available with different functions. Many of these functions include department codes, price look-ups, and item codes. Many cash registers are also available with tax computations and security features. Registers vary from 200 price look-ups all the way to 1,700 maximum. Department codes vary from 16 to 99 and clerk IDs vary from 8 to 40 maximum. Be sure your cash register has all the functions and features you need.

Where is your business located?

Initially you would not think location would be important when purchasing a cash register. Because almost everybody needs to use a cash register, they are available in several different formats. We sell lightweight portable cash registers that run on ?C? batteries. These registers are great for use in kiosks and other small locations. Other cash registers are hardwired, but are still lightweight for use at fairs, dances, charity events and other temporary locations. Heavier duty cash registers are designed for use at fixed locations such as department stores.

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What are the different types of cash registers?

Battery Powered Cash Registers
Battery Powered Cash Register
Battery powered cash registers are designed for use in temporary locations or for use with businesses that move often from one location to another. An example of this would be a charitable event, a school dance, a kiosk and more. Our battery powered cash register uses ?C? style batteries.

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Portable Hard-Wired Cash Registers
Portable Hard-Wired Cash Register
Portable hard-wired cash registers, much like the battery powered cash register, are lightweight and designed to be taken from one location to another. These cash registers are ideal for mobile businesses where power outlets are available. They are great for use at charitable events, dinners, school dances, kiosks and more.

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Thermal Print Cash Registers
Thermal Print Cash Register
Thermal print cash registers use a special type of thermal paper roll. The thermal paper turns black when heat is applied to it. Thermal print heads inside the cash register use heat to transfer type and numbers to the thermal paper. The advantage of using a thermal print cash register is never having to change a ribbon. The rolls are easy to change and are inexpensive.

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Ribbon Print Cash Registers
Ribbon Print Cash Register
Ribbon cash registers use a traditional print ribbon to print copy to a receipt. One of the advantages of this printer is the cost. Printer ribbons usually cost less money than the newer thermal print paper used by thermal cash registers. Receipts printed with a ribbon tend to last longer than thermal receipts. Thermal receipts can begin to turn black if brought in contact with too much heat.

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Bar Code / Scanner Cash Registers
Bar Code / Scanner Cash Register
Bar code cash registers use a scanning device that reads bar codes and automatically enters the product code and amount into the cash register. Bar code cash registers dramatically speed up the checkout process and decreases checkout lines. Bar code cash registers are growing in popularity and are typically used by larger stores and departments.

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Alphanumeric Cash Registers
Alphanumeric Cash Register
Alphanumeric cash registers have both numbers and letters on the keypad. The advantage to this is the ability to not only enter a price, but a name for a product as well. It will also display numbers and letters. These cash registers are ideal for use in department stores. Many alphanumeric cash registers also give you the ability to program different text messages that will scroll across the customer display at various times.

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What security features are available?

Locking Drawer

There are several security features available on cash registers. One of these features is a locking drawer. Locking drawers use a key to manually lock and unlock a drawer. Most cash registers are available with this feature.

Electronic Locking Drawer

Electronic locking drawers lock every time the drawer is shut. The drawer can only be opened from the cash register panel, by an authorized cashier.

Password Security

Many cash registers require a password before the drawer can be opened. Without the correct code, the drawer cannot be opened and the register cannot be used.

Video Surveillance

Although not built into a cash register, it is always highly recommended to use some type of video surveillance to monitor cash registers and any location where money is exchanged. We sell a wide variety of security cameras and anti-theft equipment.

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Alphanumeric ? Alphanumeric cash registers use both numbers and letters for input and printing.

Bar Code ? A bar code usually appears on the back of a product. This code is scanned into a cash register giving it the price and product name.

Battery Backup ? A battery backup stores saved data on a cash register when the power goes out.

Cash Register ? A cash register is used for purchase transactions. It calculates money owed and change due.

Clerk IDs ? A clerk ID is a code that a cashier uses to sign into a register.

Department Code ? Department codes help categorize a product's tax status.

Display ? A display is used to show product total or name, depending on the cash register.

LCD ? LCD stands for liquid crystal display. This is the black type that appears on a calculator and is used on some cash registers.

Locking Drawer ? Some cash registers have a locked drawer that can be used to keep the door shut and prevent theft.

Password Security ? Some cash registers require a password in order to operate the machine.

POS ? POS stands for point of sale. This is another name for a cash register.

Price Look-Ups ? Some cash registers can store products and their value in memory, to be later recalled for checkout purposes.

Printer Ribbon ? Some cash registers use a printer ribbon to print out receipts.

Scanner ? A scanner is used to read a bar code and determine a product's value and description.

Serial Connection ? Some cash registers can be interfaced with a computer through the serial port.

Tax Computation ? Some cash registers have the capability to calculate tax when a product is being purchased.

Thermal Printhead ? Some cash registers have a thermal printhead that uses heat to transfer text and letters to temperature-sensitive paper for receipts.

Thermal Paper ? Thermal paper is used for receipts on many cash registers. Lettering and numbers is transferred when heat is applied to the paper, causing it to turn black.

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