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Clam Shell Container Sealers

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Clam shell packaging is one of the most effective and common ways to package things like hardware, tools, toys, accessories and much more. While staplers are commonly used for packaging clam shells, they can be tampered with and are subject to rust when put in wet or humid climates. One of the most effective and modern ways to seal clam shell packaging shut is to use a clam shell sealer. These sealers spot weld the packaging in strategic locations, keeping the plastic packaging sealed shut. At ABC Office we offer a great selection of clam shell sealers including traditional heat sealers and newer ultrasonic clam shell sealers. These are all solid products and provide you with a very affordable option for sealing clam shells and a great alternative to a stapler. Browse through our great selection and buy yours today!

Clam Shell Container Sealers

Clam Shell Sealer KF-772DH

Description: The Sealer Sales KF-772DH clam shell sealer features two heated 3/8" wide and 10mm long serrated jaws. The tight spot weld is 4mm x 10mm in size. A dual temperature setting lets you run the hand sealer at 350 degrees Fahrenheit (high) or 250 degrees Fahrenheit (low).
Weld Area:10mm x 4mm


AIE 772 Clam Shell

Description: Dual heat multipurpose hand held constant heat sealer. Ideal for sealing clam shells or for spot sealing. Supplied with a high and low temperature control switch with power light.
Weld Area:10 mm x 5 mm


OnPak Ultrasonic

Description: The OnPak ultrasonic clam shell sealer is one of the highest end and most reliable ultrasonic clam shell sealers on the market for low to medium-volume use. One reason the ultrasonic sealers have become so popular is that they don’t produce heat that can cause accidental burns.
Weld Area:6mm x 3mm


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