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Coin Counting & Coin Counter Machines

Questions? Check Out Our Coin Counting & Coin Counter Machines Guide.

Coin counting machines are an absolute necessity for people that need to fill coin wrappers or simply count the total dollar value of a group of coins. Many of our coin counting machines also include the ability to sort coins while counting. Our coin counters easily work with U.S. currency including quarters, dimes, nickels and pennies. Some of our counters will also work with dollar coins, tokens and foreign currencies. Order your coin counter today!

Coin Counters

Ribao CS-100 Coin Counter

Description: Ribao CS-100 Multi-functional coin counter. Counts up to 270 coins a minute, 500 hopper capacity. Countable coin size of .5mm - 3.5mm Thickness and 10mm - 29mm Diameter.
Speed:270 coins per minute
Power:AC 110V ,60Hz or AC 220V, 50Hz
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Ribao Coin Counter Model CS-10

Description: Coins are sorted based on their diameter and thickness. Two separate dials make it easy to adjust this machine based on diameter and thickness. The CS-10 includes tub sets that can be used for counting, sorting, bagging and rolling quarters, nickels, dimes and pennies.
Speed:1,800 coins/min.
Power:AC 110V, 60HZ
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Klopp Coin Counters / Baggers

Description: Count and bag coins at a speed of 1,400 coins per minute with the Klopp CMB (manual) and CEB (electric) coin baggers. These bagging machines are made from heavy-duty materials and are designed to last.
Speed:1200-1400 coins/min.
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Klopp CM Series Coin Counters

Description: Count, wrap and bag a variety of coins including dollars, quarters, nickels, dimes, pennies and tokens with the versatile Klopp CM coin counter.
Speed:1800 coins/min.
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Klopp CE Series Coin Counter

Description: Count, wrap and bag a variety of coins including dollars, quarters, nickels, dimes, pennies and tokens with the versatile Klopp CE coin counter.
Speed:1800 coins/min.
Power:115V AC 60HZ
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Klopp CECR Series Coin Counters

Description: Count and crimp coins and tokens with the Klopp CECR counter. This model is has an electric cutter (CE) and a crimper (CR).
Speed:1800 coins/min.
Power:115V AC 60 HZ
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Klopp KK Series Coin Counters

Description: The new Klopp KK (KLOPP Konvertible) is a coin counter, bagger and wrapper that can be run with an electric motor or with a manual crank. This is ideal for situations where the power goes off or may not be reliable.
Speed:1800 coins/min.
Power:115V AC 60 HZ
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Counters and Sorters

Cassida C100 Electric Coin Counter & Sorter

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Description: Counting and sorting coins is fast and easy with the Cassida C100 coin counter/sorter. This machine is easy to use and fits in with any business environment. The C100 can hold up to 1500 coins (dimes) and can count and sort quickly. An easy-to-read LED display makes data clear and precise.
Speed:Up to 250 coins/min.
Power:110V AC, 60Hz
Highly Recommended.Recommended
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Cassida C200 Counter Sorter and Wrapper

Description: Are you in the market for an all-in-one coin counting, sorting and wrapping machine? The Cassida C200 may be exactly what you need! Cassida is well known for their bill counters and coin counters.
Speed:Up to 300 coins/min
Power:110 VAC
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Cassida C500 Counter & Sorter

Description: The Cassida C500 coin counter and off-sorter is a compact, portable and extremely efficient machine. This coin counter / off-sorter has a large hopper that holds up to 4,000 coins (based on dimes).
Speed:Up to 2,200 coins/min
Power:110 VAC 60Hz
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CS-50 Heavy Duty Coin Sorter

Description: The CS-50 heavy-duty coin counter is fitted with a tough automatic feeding hopper that will hold up to 30,000 coins (based on dimes). It is designed to start by counting and sorting the smallest coins first.
Speed:2300 coins / minute
Power:120V AC / 60Hz
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