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Plastic Comb Binding Frequently Asked Questions

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What are the advantages of using plastic comb binding?

Plastic Comb Binding is easy to open, alter and rebind. They are the most inexpensive, and easiest to use. Bound products lay flat, can turn back to back or 360 degrees. Combs are made of plastic.

What are some common types of punches?

Common Punch Diagram

Which machines do all types of binding?

Only 2 do all types; OD 4000 (manual) and the OD 4800 (electric). However, they will do the various types when the separate necessary additional parts and dies are connected or installed. The additional parts are sold separately or ask your sales representative.

Are there any machines that do all the work for me?

No, all the machines require some type of physical, manual operation.

Who makes the most reliable machine?

Ibico machines usually have the longest lifespan, and are the least trouble-some, but all brands that we carry work well.

Can I use a cover on any type of binding?

Yes, they are all universal.

What is the difference between plastic and wire binding?

Plastic has different shaped openings.

Can I use my wire on a plastic comb machine?

Yes, but only if your machine has a wire closer. If you do not have a wire closer, one must be purchased separately.

Is there a machine that does a combination of plastic and wire bindings?

The IB Master 300 and IB Master 400 does both plastic and twin loop wire/comb binds. Only is capable of 19 rings.

Which wires can be used in a plastic comb machine?

Either the Ibico 19" or the Spiral-O 19".

Can I use coil in a plastic comb machine?

No, they can only be done in a professional wire bindery.

How durable are plastic combs?

Plastic combs are very durable, virtually indestructible.

What is Cerlox?

Clerlox is a GBC brand of plastic comb.

Can I have plastic combs colors matched?

Yes, PMS Color Matching is available. Ask a sales representative for more information.


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