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Continuous Band Sealers

Efficient Bag Sealing Machines

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Continuous band sealers are an excellent way to increase packaging proficiency. They essentially automate the sealing process. This allows packaging to be performed with little necessary manual work, which will allow your employees to finish packaging more quickly, as well as focus on other things.

Increase Productivity

Continuous band sealers are capable of sealing packages quickly with a consistent high rate of speed. They apply direct heat to each bag. These machines are capable of sealing dozens of bags a minute. Since the process is automated, you can ensure that each seal is straight, accurate, and consistent.

Horizontal and Vertical Continuous Band Sealers

Continuous band sealing machines are available in both horizontal and vertical varieties. Horizontal sealing is the most common option, except for when the bag contains something that can potentially spill. In those cases, a vertical continuous band sealer will be necessary. We offer machines that contain tilting parts, to make it easier to package liquids.


Many of our machines come with options available for printing. These machines are able to print numerals or letters directly on the packaging, as sealing is done. This can help add packaging dates, factory numbers, or whatever your specific needs are.

Continuous band sealers will greatly speed up the overall production of packaging in your facility. If you have high-volumes of packaging, you should consider obtaining a continuous band sealing machine. To learn more about continuous band sealers, contact us at ABC Office today!

Shrinkwrap Band Sealers

Sealer Sales CBS-880, R to L, Band Sealer

Description: The Sealer Sales CBS-880 is a stainless steel band sealer that can be used to seal all types of plastic materials and bags. It is capable of sealing anywhere from 20 to 26 6" wide bags per minute, which is extremely fast considering the affordable price of this machine. The CBS-880 is a horizontal sealer that can be set up on a table or workbench. It can be used to seal thermoplastic bags including, PE, PP and laminates. Order yours today!
Max. Seal:--
Speed:Up to 39 feet per minute


Sealer Sales CBS-880II, R to L, Band Sealer

Description: If your bag sealing needs require an affordable vertical band sealer, the Sealer Sales CBS-880II is a great option. This is the machine you need if you are packaging products that need to be kept in an upright position. The CBS-880II is designed to provide you with versatility, portability and the ability to make necessary adjustments to get the job done right. Order yours today!
Max. Seal:--
Speed:Up to 39 feet per minute


Sealer Sales FR-770, L to R, Band Sealer

Description: Bagging products using a continuous band sealer helps to organize, present and preserve products for storage or retail sales purposes. The Sealer Sales FR-770 sealer uses a solid-state digital temperature controller to produce solid and consistent 8mm seals on thermoplastic bags (PE, PP & Laminates). This sealer uses an embossing attachment that easily prints on the seal line w/o using any ink. Order yours today!
Max. Seal:--
Speed:Up to 39 feet per minute


Sealer Sales HL-M810, L to R, Band Sealer

Description: If your business is in need of a dry ink coding band sealer in a horizontal design, the Sealer Sales HL-M810 is definitely one model to consider. This left-to-right band sealer is similar to the popular CBS-880, except the feed is on the left side and it includes a dry in coding imprinter. This sealer is made from extremely durable stainless steel construction. It produces an 8mm seal using constant direct heat contact. The seal looks great, holds up extremely well and the HL-M810 will print on the seal line. Order yours today!
Max. Seal:--
Speed:Up to 39 feet per minute


PP-880I Horizontal Band Sealer

Description: The Preferred Packaging PP-880I is a compact tabletop horizontal band sealer that can be used on almost any table, desk, workbench or countertop. It is designed to quickly seal thermoplastic bags.
Max. Seal:--
Speed:39 feet per minute


Sealer Sales HL-M810II, L to R, Band Sealer

Description: The Sealer Sales HL-M810II is a vertical version of the HL-M810. Because it seals bags vertically, it can be used to seal items that would otherwise fall or spill out in a horizontal position. This sealer takes bags from the left side of the machine and moves them to the right, sealing the bag with an 8mm seal during the process. The HL-M810II also comes equipped with the ability to dry ink code along the sealed line. Few sealers, within this price range, have that capability. Order yours today!
Max. Seal:--
Speed:Up to 39 feet per minute


Horizontal or Vertical Band Sealer PP-880II

Description: If you need to vertically seal thermoplastic bags on a low to medium-volume level, the Preferred Pack PP-880II is a great option. This vertical sealer features a stainless steel design along with an easy-to-use control panel found on the top right side of the machine. Bags are fed from the right and pulled through the sealer, producing an 8mm wide seal along the open end of the thermoplastic bag.
Max. Seal:--
Speed:39 feet per minute


Sealer Sales FRM-1010, R to L, Band Sealer

Description: The Sealer Sales FRM-1010 is an industrial quality horizontal band sealer designed for sealing bags shut for commercial applications. This machine allows the operator to quickly and easily control the machine. This includes heat, fan and print settings. The warm-up time is extremely quick. This sealer features heavy-duty construction and a design that requires minimal operator training. Order yours today!
Max. Seal:--
Speed:Up to 39 feet per minute


FRM-1120C, R to L, Band Sealer

Description: The FRM-1120C is an industrial-quality horizontal band sealer with a tilting seal head that can be used for medium-volume projects and jobs. This high-end band sealer is a freestanding unit, which includes a stand and casters. The tilting head has the ability to angle at up to 30 degrees for sealing liquids. Order yours today!
Max. Seal:--
Speed:Up to 32.8 feet per minute


Sealer Sales FRS-1120W, R to L, Band Sealer

Description: If you need a high-quality tilting seal band sealer with color printing capabilities, the FRS-1120W is the machine you need. This sealer is quick and efficient. It is designed to be used with thermoplastic bags including PE, PPE, stand up pouches, gusseted bags and moisture barrier bags. It can be used for packaging food, cosmetics, parts, medical supplies and much more. Order yours today!
Max. Seal:--
Speed:Up to 32.8 feet per minute


AIE Model AIE-B6201

Description: This portable horizontal band sealer is ideal for short bags that are wide or thick enough to require the need of a band sealer. Conveyor speed 0-50 ft. per minute, material thickness up to 20 mil and unlimited length.
Max. Seal:20 mil
Speed:50 ft./min


AIE Model AIE-B6202

Description: The portable vertical band sealer is ideal for packaging of bags containing spillable items such as powders, liquids, grains, etc. Conveyor speed up to 50 ft. per minute. This unit can also imprint as well as seal.
Max. Seal:20 mil
Speed:50 ft./min


AIE Model AIE-B7202

Description: Ideal for sealing plastic bags of virtually any size and length. The variable conveyor belt speed is adjustable to accommodate most packages. Equipped with a temperature control to seal bags of various thickness.
Max. Seal:20 mil
Speed:30 ft./min


When it comes to packaging hundreds to thousands of bags per day, no machine does a better job than a continuous band sealer. These machines quickly seal thermoplastic bags shut. This seal is durable, professional and excellent for your packaging, storage and retail needs. We offer a great selection of both horizontal and vertical bag sealers, many of which can be used for packaging and sealing liquids, powders, food, parts, medical supplies and much more. Our sealers range from desktop units to freestanding industrial / commercial designs. Our great lineup includes Sealer Sales, AIE and Preferred Packaging. Many units including embossing, dry ink printing and other coding tools. Lock in this great price and place your order today!

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