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You are being redirected to ABC Office. Why? has joined their sister company ABC Office to provide our customers with a greater product selection, while offering the same great prices and service you have come to love and expect!If you have questions or concerns during this transition please give us a call at 1-800-658-8788, or email us at

You are being redirected to ABC Office. Why? has joined their sister company ABC Office to provide our customers with a greater product selection, while offering the same great prices and service you have come to love and expect!If you have questions or concerns during this transition please give us a call at 1-800-658-8788, or email us at

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Digital Duplicator School Guide

The Digital Duplicator Story - Benefits Over the Traditional Copier

    Since the late 1980's digital duplicators have become the standard amongst users that have demanded low cost copies, high productivity and ease of use. Today's digital duplicators have improved upon these benefits. They are as simple to operate as the office copier, have far greater flexibility to print onto stocks like envelopes, carbonless and card stocks and are loaded with great features.

    Lets face the facts; including toner, developer, drums and maintenance, the typical office copier can be costing your school $0.02 per copy or more to make those copies you need regardless of how many copies you make.

    With a digital duplicator, you can begin saving versus the office copier when you make as few as 25 copies of one document. The savings don't end there either. If you are making more copies of that one document, with each copy your savings will increase exponentially because of the unique way that a digital duplicator operates. A digital duplicator creates the image once on what we call a "master" and then passes a small amount of ink through the master to each sheet. The cost of this master is shared by all of the copies you print of that document. The digital duplicator process is much more efficient than that of a copier as well as being environmentally friendly.

      Digital Duplicator vs. Copier Cost Comparison

    So far we have only shown you savings on operation supplies. With a digital duplicator you can save much, much more because of its productivity and versatility. For instance, your office copier is most likely capable of making copies at a speed of between 35 and 50 copies per minute on letter size paper. Did you know that digital duplicators are capable of printing at speed of up to 130 sheets per minute? Again, because of the unique way in which digital duplicators operate, this is possible. What makes this possible is that the digital duplicator uses an ink process that reprints each sheet of paper on contact. Imagine the time your staff will save by getting their copies printed in less then half the time that it is taking now!

    Stock Versatility
    Let's talk a little about savings through versatility. Digital Duplicators can print on a wide variety of stocks including, carbonless forms (NCR), file folders, envelopes of most any size and the ability to print in most any color you choose. How is this possible you ask? The digital duplicator is a transfer printing system that has a straight through paper path and no fusing unit. Because of this simplicity most any size and type of stock pass right through the machine without effort or adjustment.

    Lets take printing a return address on a #10 standard business size envelope as an example. When you order envelopes from a printer one box of 500 at a time, the national average cost of this is in excess of $44.00 per box. Sure you can cut your costs by printing in larger volumes, but now you have to store all of these envelopes, that costs money too! With a digital duplicator, you can buy and print those envelopes in less than 5 minutes at a total cost of materials for about $6.90. The biggest benefit of printing the envelopes when you need them is that you can change the envelope or ink colors without changing your cost, or perhaps you want to change the message or part of the return address. And those are just a few things you can do with a digital duplicator that you can't do with a mountain of printing done by an outside source.

    When you get right to the heart of it, you can save as much as 80% compared to the way you print envelops now. The savings is equally as great whether you are printing file folders, tickets, or most other types of printing that you cannot complete now with your copiers.

    But wait there's more...
    Add up all the unique operation qualities of a digital duplicator, and you've got yourself one incredibly highly reliable unit. Remember this is an ink technology duplicator, with no photoreceptive drum to get scratched. No fuser unit that requires changing. In fact a digital duplicator can produce twice as many copies between servicing than even the newest digital copiers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Isn't it easier to use a copier?
    Plain and simple, no. To the casual user, the digital duplicator has the look and feel of a traditional plain paper copier. Adding the supply components (ink and masters) it is a clean operation. The inks boxes are placed entirely inside the machine; there is no squeezing of tubes or spillage that can occur.

    2. My copier gives me my first copy in about 5 seconds, while a duplicator takes about 25 to make that first copy. How can the duplicator be more productive?
    Once the digital duplicator begins printing it can reach a speed of up to 130 sheets per minute. When you make thirty copies of a document the digital duplicator will be finished earlier.

    3. I heard that my copier can be hooked up to our network, does a digital duplicator have the same flexibility?
    Yes, digital duplicators can be connected to both stand-alone computers or most popular networks depending on your preference at a price range for as little as $1,400 to $4,500 depending on your needs.

    4. How quiet are digital duplicators compared to copiers?
    Today's duplicators are at about the same noise level (65-75 db) as an office copier with three or more times the speed and production capabilities.

    5. My salesman told me that I should buy his copier because it is "Energy Star" compliant, is the digital duplicator?
    When it comes to energy conservation, digital duplicators easily beat out their copier counterparts. Unlike a copier, the digital duplicator is completely dormant in standby mode and does not consume energy to keep a fusing element warm. Notably, all digital duplicators have a built-in "Energy Save" function that reduces the negligible amount of power used in standby mode by up to 85%. Because their power consumption is so low Energy Star does not have a classification for digital duplicators. Never the less, a digital duplicator's level of power consumption over its lifetime is estimated to by 60-700% lower than a copier printing equal amounts of copiers.

    6. Aren't the duplicators harder and messier to take care of?
    A digital duplicator does not take specialized operator skills to run, install supplies or clear an occasional misfed sheet. Duplicators can actually be cleaner in the office than copiers because they do not have fans circulating black toner dust particles around due to clogged or aging filters, and they definitely do not emit any ozone's.

    7. How does copy quality and drying time compare to copiers?
    Digital duplicators come in 300dpi, 400dpi and 600dpi versions, the output quality is close to or equal to that of similarly priced copiers. The digital duplicator uses ink, not toner. The sheets dry very quickly and are ready for distribution within 30-60 seconds after printing has finished.

    8. Is it true, we can print on envelopes with digital duplicators?
    Printing envelopes in no more difficult for a digital duplicator than printing onto paper, just set the one feed tray setting to the correct position and go. Printing your own envelopes will save you a lot of money versus ordering from a printer.

    9. Does a digital duplicator print both sides automatically?
    No, not automatically. Duplexing with a digital duplicator requires that the paper be flipped and reloaded into the feed tray to print the second side by hand. Even with this extra operator involvement the digital duplicator will out produce a 60 cpm digital copier on a run length of just 50 duplexed copies.

    10. With all this production and savings, should I replace all my copiers?
    No, for short copy runs you still need a copier, as the savings you achieve with the digital duplicator will be on run lengths of 25 or more per document or printing that can't be done on the copier. The digital duplicator will make that copier last longer by doing the bull work of longer runs.

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Cost Cutting Guide

    What is the right machine for you and your school?
    We have prepared a few questions that will help to determine if a digital duplicator is right for your school and can save you money.

    1. The average class size in your school is:
      Under 10

    2. Classes receive printed work papers and tests that are printed on the school premises by school own/leased equipment:
      Once per month
      Twice per month
      2+ Daily

    3. Announcements, notices and permission slips are printed at the school and issued to the student body:
      Once per month
      Twice per month

    4. Your printing needs go beyond printing work papers, tests, and parent notices. You would like to be able to print file folders and or envelopes (including clasp types) as the need arises:

    5. Knowing that creating printed color documents increases the readers awareness and retention levels, how many documents per would your school print with a color other than black if it were priced affordably?
      4 or more

    6. Does you or your staff desire to print onto papers other than white or color copier paper but won't because it might damage the machine or break it? (Example construction papers, index paper, paper bags):

    7. Is there a member(s) of your staff that is designated as the key-operator to clear papers jammed in the copier and to add paper and or operating supplies?
0-10 Points
    Your school will not realize a savings from adding a digital duplicator to its fleet of printing equipment, or your district has found away to eliminate the need for printed materials.

10-20 Points
    You have a moderate need for the benefits of a digital duplicator. Depending on your monthly copy volume, you could realize up to a 10% savings in your cost per copy costs. Installing a digital duplicator soon will also provide you with equipment that gives you more flexibility for growth in the future.

20-30 Points
    Your school is growing and so are your printing needs. Copiers just aren't capable of handling your demanding needs. You would benefit more by having more than one digital duplicator placed in strategic areas throughout your school. Your level of savings could by as much as 15% less than what it is costing you now.

30-40 Points
    Your needs are at the top of the charts and there is no way that a digital duplicator (or several) will not help you gain control of your costs. A savings of 25% on your cost per copy costs is not out of the question.

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