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Document Stamps: Text, Number, Time & Date Stamps

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One of the best ways to organize and keep track of documents and contracts is by numbering them. Our high-quality numbering machines are available in several designs and many can be used for duplicate, sequential, triplicate and other stamping configurations.
Help people know the status of paperwork by stamping it. This may be RECEIVED, SENT, FAXED and other text. Our great lineup of text stamping machines includes designs with fixed and interchangeable brass dies. Browse through our great selection today!
If you're concerned about workflow, or simply want to know how long it takes to get something processed, you may want to consider using a date or time stamp. These stamping machines can be used with a wide assortment of paper, card stock, carbon interleaved and carbonless forms.
Document efficiency and tracking makes it easy to organize, file away, retrieve and track paperwork and important documents. At ABC Office we offer a great selection of electric date stamps, automatic time stamps, automated text stamps and a wide assortment of numbering machines. Many of our machines combine time, text, date, numbers and more. Our stamping machines are made by Widmer and Acroprint and are made from high-quality components. Most of them have adjustable stamping pressure and can be used with carbonless forms and multi-sheet carbon interleaved forms. These stamps are extremely easy to use. Automation varies from semi-auto to full-automatic designs. Browse through our great selection and buy your electric document stamp today!

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