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Foil & Hot Stamping Machines FAQ

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Foil & Hot Stamping

We have compiled a list of the most common foil stamping questions from our customers and have put them in this useful foil stamper FAQ. If you are trying to learn more about foil stampers, or are in the initial stages of looking for a machine, this FAQ is perfect for you. Feel free to read through this. Give us a call at 1-800-658-8788 for more information on foil / hot stamping equipment.

What is a foil stamper?

A foil stamper is a machine used to print foil text and logos on books, napkins, photographs and other material.

Why would I want to use a foil stamper?

Foil stampers are a great way to personalize items. They can be used to put names on a napkin for a wedding, a photography company logo on a photograph, a name on a book and more. The end result looks classy.

Is a foil stamper the same as a foil fuser?

They are not. A foil stamper uses heat and a metal die to press foil onto an object. A foil fuser uses heat to transfer foil to toner. The technology is very different, but the end result looks very similar. Foil stampers are ideal for use with objects such as books, napkins and matchbooks. Foil fusers are better for paper, such as certificates, awards and business cards.

Can a foil stamper stamp logos?

Yes. Not only do foil stampers stamp text, but they can also be used to stamp logos. We have the ability to make custom logos for use with foil stamping machines.

What text size and font can I use?

The text size you use depends on the type holder your foil stamper uses. Type holders come in several different sizes. An example would be a 2 x 4-inch type holder. This type holder would be able to hold any text size or logo that fits within those dimensions. Spacers (blanks) are used to fill in unused space on a type holder. The font itself does not matter.

Can I use different color foils?

You can. We have a wide assortment of foils to choose from. Not only are different colors available, but different finishes as well. This includes glossy and matte.

Are all foil stampers manual?

Many foil stampers are manually operated, requiring an individual to pull on a handle to bring the stamping head down onto the object being stamped. Not all foil stampers are this way. For higher-volume stamping, pneumatic (air-powered) stampers are available. An air compressor, rather than a manually operated handle, brings down the stamping head. The air-actuated motor is controlled by a button.

What can I use my foil stamper on?

The most common objects our customers stamp are Bibles, yearbooks, journals, napkins, photographs, pencils and other similar objects. There are almost limitless possibilities when it comes to foil stamping objects.

What kind of accessories can I get for my foil stamper?

There are dozens of accessories you can get for your foil stamping machine. The most common purchased by our customers are various guides for stamping napkins, pencils and other items. The guides make it easier to keep certain objects in place and help keep text centered. Many customers also purchase different size type holders for various projects.

Which is the best foil stamper?

The foil stamper you purchase will depend entirely on the size and amount of items you wish to foil stamp. It will also depend on who will be using the machine, where you will be using it and the budget involved. It is difficult to label any one stamper as "best" because of these variables. Both our Kwikprint and Howard foil stampers are popular with our customers.

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