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If you are a restaurant, hotel, hospital, butcher shop, supermarket or other small business in the food industry, we have collected the applicable equipment and supplies that will save you time and money. We offer a variety of vacuum sealers, bag sealers, twist tie machines and more to give your food products a professional look. Preserve, store and sell your food products with the confidence that the packaging is of the best quality.
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Compress, marinate, infuse and store all your dishes with one machine. Vacuum sealers are perfect for storing, cooking, and packaging food products. Built with chambers to hold solid or liquid foods, a chamber vaccum sealer is ideal for packaging larger products, or several smaller products at once.
Small and more compact, these vacuum sealers are perfect for personal and commercial kitchens. Save money by storing the food in a vacuum that will extend the life of the dish. These small pouches are ideal for sousvide cooking and reheating.
Whether you use a chamber vacuum, or external nozzle vacuum, we have sealer bags of every size. Use the boilable bags for sousvide cooking. Use the tear-notch and zip-lock bags for resale of your food products. Or use the sealer tubes to seal fish, or variable length items.
Designed for larger, irregularly shaped items, a shrink dip tank uses hot water to shrink the packaging down to fit the item like a glove, creating a professional and clean look. With less excess packaging, items are easier to stack, store, and display without wasting space.
Sous-vide provides a much higher level of convenience, precision, and consistency compared to other cooking methods. Sous Vide cooking consistently produces evenly cooked, moist, and tender results. Pre-cooked foods can be reheated without losing quality, flavor, color and nutrients.
If you are packaging a variety of products, for example tortillas, a drop sealer makes packaging extremely easy. When used with a bag opener, it is extremely easy to quickly drop products into a bag and have them sealed shut for use in a retail environment. These machines are very automated, which dramatically speeds up the packaging process.
These high quality cap sealers are designed to seal a round foil seal to the top of the opening on glass and plastic containers. The process takes just seconds and the seal is extremely durable. Take advantage of these great prices and place your order today!
Seal a variety of cartons and corrugated boxes with a carton sealer. These useful devices can be used in a warehouse. They are especially nice for high-volume packaging. You will quickly make up the cost of the machine in time saved and increased productivity. Take a look at our great selection of carton sealers and order yours today!
Do you package fruits, vegetables, meat and other edible products for retail sale on a daily basis? If so, you should consider one of these reliable hot plate foot wrappers. We offer a variety of machines, designed to apply stretch wrap and then seal the plastic shut via a steel heat plate. Order yours today!
Perfect for bakeries or kitchens producing pies, biscuits, bread, cakes or other delicate pastries for resale, the horizontal flow wrapper wraps each product in film and seals it. Produce professional results for hundreds of items in a fraction of the time by allowing a horizontal flow wrapper package your food products today!
Quickly wrap film around bottles, bundle bottles, package trays and package products for retail sale with one of our high-quality commercial sleeve wrappers. We offer linear, automatic and semi-automatic sleeve wrappers. Many of these can be used for packaging collated packs, long packs, single packs and much more. These machines are fast, effective and are designed for daily use.
Quickly seal loves of bread, bags of ice and more with one of our twist tie or tape machines. Each semi-auto machines creates a seal with either a twist tie or tape in just a fraction of the time of sealing bags manually. Make light work for your employees and order one today!

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