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Forms Burster & Detacher FAQ

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Forms Bursters & Detachers       Forms Bursters & Detachers       Forms Bursters & Detachers       Forms Bursters & Detachers       Forms Bursters & Detachers       Forms Bursters & Detachers

Forms Bursters & Detachers

We have compiled a list of the most common forms burster / detacher questions from our customers and have put them in this useful forms burster FAQ. If you are trying to learn more about bursting apart forms, or are in the initial stages of looking for a forms burster, this FAQ is perfect for you. Feel free to read through this. Give us a call at 1-800-658-8788 for more information on forms bursters & detachers.

Why would I use a burster?

Forms bursters, also known as detachers, take a sheet of paper, with perforations, and tear the paper along the perforations. Many businesses use forms bursters to tear or detach checks, invoices, bills and other perforated documents. You can see a video demo of a burster in action here.

What are side slitters?

Side slitters are used with continuous forms paper. This is the paper that has the perforated side margins with the little holes. These small holes are usually used by printers to advance paper during printing. Side slitters cut off the side margin containing the holes.

Can the side slitters / side trim be adjusted?

Most bursters will allow you to adjust the side slitters to accommodate different types of paper.

What does the term "cut sheet" mean?

Cut sheet paper does not have a side-margin containing holes. Cut sheet papers are also not connected at the top and bottom by more paper like an accordion. An example of cut sheet paper would be a single 8 ? x 11-inch sheet of paper.

Can cut-sheet bursters be used with continuous forms paper?

Cut-sheet bursters can only use cut sheet paper. Continuous forms bursters cannot be used with cut-sheet paper either.

Why would I want variable speed control on a burster?

Variable speed is nice for fine tuned adjustments that are necessary sometimes for different sizes and thicknesses of paper. Sometimes the burster needs to be slowed down for heavier-duty paper, where it can be sped up for 20# paper.

Can bursters be used with different sizes of paper?

Yes. Bursters can be adjusted to handle different sizes of paper. Check the specifications on the burster to see what the minimum and maximum paper sizes are that it can handle.

Do bursters work with multi-part carbonless forms?

Most bursters will work with multi-part carbonless forms. You will need to read the specifications as to how many layers thick the carbonless forms paper can be. Some can handle 3-part carbon interleaved and others 5-Part carbonless.

Can I use a burster with my check signer?

Some bursters can be interfaced with a check signer for seamless check signing and bursting. You will want to call in ahead of time to determine whether or not your check signer will be compatible and to find out what you will need to get everything set up.

What is the best forms burster?

There is no "best" forms burster. The type of burster / detacher you purchase will depend on the size, type and volume of the paper you will be using. We have, however, had a lot of customers let us know that they are happy with the Duplo bursters. Martin Yale and Formax are also known for making good quality bursters.

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