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Padding Press Guide

How to Pad:

What is a padding press?

Padding presses are not a common site, but are widely used by schools and other businesses to create note pads. Padding presses apply glue to the back of a stack of paper allowing the stack to be bound and then later be used for taking notes or for scratch paper. Padding presses are a great way to recycle old paper into note pads and are very easy to use.

The glue for padding presses is typically available in white or red. The color used depends entirely on the preference of the person padding. Neither color is better than another as far as the durability of the glue is concerned.

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Types of padding presses.

There are several manufacturers and models of padding presses. The design itself typically consists of a baseboard, some side rails and a clamping mechanism. The main purpose of the padding press itself is designed to keep paper lined up, flush and compacted for the application of glue.

There are low, medium and high-volume padding presses. The biggest difference between these models is typically how wide and tall a stack of paper the padding press can handle. The price difference isn?t significant and if you feel your padding volume may increase, you may want to consider investing a little more money in a larger padding press.

Some padding presses include a stand and others include a swivel base that makes it easy to turn the stack around and apply the glue. Some padding presses can pad up to 10,000 sheets of paper at a time!

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How to pad a document.

Padding a document is very easy and usually involves only a few simple steps.


1. Make sure you have all the sheets of paper needed to create a stack. You may need to use a paper jogger to make sure the paper is properly squared up.

2. Make sure the machine is ready to take paper. This includes making sure the clamping mechanism is disengaged and that the backboard is in place.

3. Now that everything is in place, insert the stack of paper to be padded into the machine.

4. After the paper is inserted, bring down the clamping mechanism to hold the paper in place.

5. Now that the paper is secure, remove the backboard. This gives you access to the back of the stack of paper.

6. Now use the padding brush to apply glue to the back of the paper. Don?t put too much on, but be sure there is enough to cover everything. Some padding presses have a swivel base making it easier to access the back of the stack.

7. Wait about 15-25 minutes for the glue to dry.

8. You can now release the clamps and remove the stack of paper.

9. You can use a padding knife to cut the stacks apart and create smaller note pads.

10. You are now done padding a stack of paper and are ready to move to the next stack of paper.

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Types of supplies.

ABC Office has a wide variety of padding supplies and accessories including glue, brushes, pad knives and pad paper counters. These supplies can be found here:

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Video demos of padding presses.

Sometimes watching a stack of paper being padded is easier than reading about it. We have a lot of video demos available showing our padding presses in use. You can find video demonstrations of the following machines here:

VIDEO 1: Mini 2 Padding Press

We also offer several Live Video Demonstrations of our padding machines as well. You can call us (1-800-658-8788) or fill out an online form to see one of these machines demonstrated over the Internet with a customer service representative in real-time.

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