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How To Use A Friction-Feed Paper Folder:

What is a friction-feed paper folder?

Friction-feed paper folders use a set of rubber rollers to grab paper and pull it into the machine. This type of paper folder is the most common used in businesses today. Using rubber rollers to pull paper into a machine is effective and simple.

The only downside to using a friction-feed paper folder is that they do not always work well with glossy paper. This is because the rubber roller has a hard time grasping the slick surface of glossy paper, often causing a paper jam. Some friction-feed paper folders can handle glossy paper, but this should not be assumed. It is recommended to use an air-powered (pneumatic) paper folder for glossy paper.

Paper folders, when broken down into exactly how they work, are very simple. There is a motor, a couple of rubber rollers and folding plates. The folding plates are what determine the type of fold that will be created. The paper bounces off the plates, like a pinball machine. Two plates are used for most folds, only one plate is required for a single fold. The amazing thing is that that paper can be folded using this process in less than a second.

It is important to remember how simple paper folders really are, because they can appear a little intimidating for the novice user. Setup varies from paper folder to paper folder. We are going to cover the manual setup paper folders. If you know how to manually set up a paper folder, the semi-automatic and fully automatic paper folders will be a piece of cake.

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Types of friction feed paper folders.

Desktop Paper Folders - Desktop paper folders are typically used for occasional folding, usually for sending a letter. Paper is manually inserted into the machine, where it is then folded. Usually only a couple of folds can be created, with a letter fold being the most common.

Manual Setup Folders - These folders require manual setup of the folding plates. Paper can then be inserted for large jobs. These paper folders can vary from low to high-volume use, depending on the model.

Semi-Automatic Folders - These folders still require some setup, but usually have lights or indicators that help assist in setting up the folding plates. The rest of the operation of a semi-automatic paper folder is very similar to a manual setup design.

Automatic Paper Folders - These paper folders are usually fully digital. Simply select the type of fold you want from the control panel and the machine does the rest. The folding plates are adjusted by a motor. Many of these paper folders include batch counting, custom fold memory options and more. These types of paper folders are usually used for high-volume folding.

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How to fold paper.

Folding a document is very easy and usually involves only a few simple steps.


1.Familiarize yourself with your paper folder. Make note of where the controls are located and where the power switch is. Be aware that jewelry, neckties and long hair can get pulled into the paper folder. Knowledge of these controls could be very beneficial in the event of an emergency.

2.Look at the folding plate guide, located on the machine or in the manual, to determine where the folding plates need to be adjusted.

3.Adjust the folding plates. This will determine the fold your machine does to the paper.

4.Adjust the side margin guides for your paper. This will vary depending on the paper size you are using.

5.Place your paper into the machine.

6.Run a few test sheets through the paper folder. Many paper folders have a "test" button. This will alow you to fine-tune the paper folder. Once this is done, you can begin folding the paper.

7.You have now finished folding the paper and are ready to load another stack into the feed tray.

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Types of paper folder accessores.

PAPER FOLDER ACCESSOIRES We have a great selection of paper folder accessories designed to enhance your paper folder and extend its life. Products include roller rejuvenator, which helps extend the life of the rollers found in a friction-feed paper folder. Also included are paper counters and static eliminator. Take a look at our selection! You can find our paper folder accessories here: Paper Folder Accessories.

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Video demos of friction-feed paper folders.

Sometimes watching paper be folded is easier than reading about it. We have a lot of video demos available showing our friction-feed paper folders in use. You can find video demonstrations of the following machines here:

VIDEO 1: Types of Paper Folds
VIDEO 2: Intelli-Fold DE-102AF
VIDEO 3: Intelli-Fold DE-172AF
VIDEO 4: Intelli-Fold DE-202AF
VIDEO 5: Intelli-Fold IF300
VIDEO 6: Intelli-Fold DE-322AF
VIDEO 7: Formax FD 342
VIDEO 8: Formax FD-380
VIDEO 9: Formax FD 382
VIDEO 10: Formax FD 38X
VIDEO 11: Formax FD 6202
VIDEO 12: Martin Yale 1217A
VIDEO 13: Martin Yale 1601
VIDEO 14: Martin Yale 1701
VIDEO 15: Martin Yale 1711
VIDEO 16: Techko LF283B

We also offer several Live Video Demonstrations of our paper folders as well. You can call us (1-800-658-8788) or fill out an online form to see one of these machines demonstrated over the Internet with a customer service representative in real-time.

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