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How to Wire Bind:

What is wire binding?

Wire binding is a style of binding commonly used for businesses to create professional-looking documents. The wire, often referred to as wire comb or twin-loop / double-loop binding, has two small loops of wire that go through each punched hole. This style of binding is used to create books, reports and other documents. Wire binding is also used to create calendars, when used in conjunction with wire hangers.

Wire binding machines are available in three different punching formats. The two most popular are 3:1 pitch and 2:1 pitch binding. Three-to-one pitch punches three holes per inch of paper. Two-to-one pitch punches two holes per inch of paper. Our 2:1 and 3:1 pitch binding machines can be found here:

The least common type of wire binding is the 19-ring wire binder. Nineteen-ring wire binders use the same hole-punching format as comb binding machines. Combination comb/wire binding machines punch 19 total holes along the 11-inch side of a sheet of paper. You can find our combination 19-ring binding machines here:

The wire pitch you choose depends on your own personal preference. Three-to-one pitch wire has the holes closer together, creating a tighter-looking bind. The downside is that the 3:1 pitch cannot bind as thick a book as the 2:1 pitch. Two-to-one wire binding can bind a thicker book, but the holes are spaced farther apart.

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Types of wire binding machines.

Wire binding machines come in a variety of shapes and sizes, often depending on the volume being bound. Wire binding machines are typically categorized as low-volume, medium-volume and high-volume machines. They are also categorized as manual or electric. Low-volume binding machines are typically used in the home or for occasional binding. Mid-volume binding is used for binding a few books a day. High-volume binding machines can be used to bind dozens to hundreds of books a day.

One big determining factor in choosing a wire-binding machine is the amount of paper a machine can punch at once. Some machines can only punch a few sheets of paper at once, where others can punch dozens of sheets at a time. Many people, who are on a budget, choose to purchase a lesser-expensive machine and simply punch fewer sheets of paper at a time when binding a thick book. If time is an issue, and several books need to be created in a day, it is recommended to go with a machine capable of punching several sheets of paper at once.

Wire binding machines are available with either a manual punch or an electric punch. Which format is better is really up to the person using the machine. Many people don?t mind pulling a handle to punch paper, but others like to have both hands freed for binding and prefer to use an electric punch. Most high-volume binding machines use a motor for punching paper.

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How to bind a book.

Wire binding a document is very easy and usually involves only a few simple steps.


1.Set up the wire-binding machine. If equipped, adjust the margin depth, guides and punching dies as needed. With wire binding you will also need to adjust the wire closer to work with the diameter of wire you will be using.

Wire Binding Machine

2. Assemble the book to be bound. This includes both the cover sheet and back cover.

3. Select the first pieces of the book to be punched. This is determined by the maximum amount of sheets your binding machine can punch at once. Please be aware that punching the maximum amount of documents rated for your machine will wear out your machine faster that if you punch 80% of the maximum amount.

4. Now punch the paper. As each stack of paper is punched, set it to the side. Make sure that the punched documents are in proper order. Punching may be done by pulling a handle or pressing a button, depending on the wire-binding machine being used.

5. Take the punched paper and jog it together, making sure the holes are properly aligned. Put the last sheet of paper on the top of the document being bound. This will help hide the spine of the wire-binding element once the binding process is complete.

6. Place the binding wire element through the punched holes of the paper.

7. Place the edge of the book, with the wire, into the wire closer and close the wire.

8. Remove the book from the machine and make sure the wire is properly closed.

9. Take the back sheet of paper, previously placed on top of the document being bound, and turn it to the back of the document.

10. You are now done wire binding a book and are ready to move to the next book to be bound.

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Types of supplies.

REPORT COVERS: Be aware that ABC Office sells a wide variety of report covers and clear covers specifically designed to be used with book binding. You can find our entire selection of book binding covers here: Binding Report Covers.

WIRE BINDING SUPPLIES: You may also need wire-binding supplies for your machine. Wire binding elements are typically available in different sizes, colors and pitches. You can find ABC Office's wire binding supplies here: Wire Binding Supplies

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Video demos of wire binding.

Sometimes watching a book being bound is easier than reading about it. We have a lot of video demos available showing our wire binding machines in use. You can find video demonstrations of the following machines here:

VIDEO 1: Akiles WireMac Wire Binding Machine
VIDEO 2: Renz RW Wire Binding Machine
VIDEO 3: Akiles WireMac Duo Wire Binding Machine

We also offer several Live Video Demonstrations of our wire binding machines as well. You can call us (1-800-658-8788) or fill out an online form to see one of these machines demonstrated over the Internet with a customer service representative in real-time.

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