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GBC: Paper Shredders, Binding Machines, Laminators & More!

GBC, short for General Binding Corporation, is one of the largest manufacturers of office machines located in the United States. Their main product line features laminators, binding machines, shredders, paper cutters and other office products. Order your GBC brand office machines today!

Two-Hole Paper Punches

GBC HP252 Manual Punch

Description: If you handle legal or medical documents on a regular basis, you may have the need for a 2-hole paper punch. One popular model is the GBC HP252 2-hole paper punch. This manual paper punch can handle up to 30 sheets of 20# paper at a time and is extremely portable and lightweight. Each of the Ľ" holes make it easy to attach legal or letter-size paper to a 2-hole binder or clipboard.
Punch Size:1/4"
Punch Capacity:30 sheets


Commercial Pouch Laminators

GBC HeatSeal H700 Pro 18" Commercial Pouch Laminator

Description: The GBC HeatSeal H700 Pro laminator is exactly what you need if you will be laminating material continuously throughout the day. It feature an amazing variable speed control that allows it to operate at speeds of up to 60" per minute, which is far faster than your average laminator. It is 18" wide, which allows this laminator to handle restaurant menus, signs, banners and small stuff like business cards and ID badges.
Max Width:18"
Max Thickness:10 mil (250 mic)
Volume Use:Medium


GBC HeatSeal H600 Pro 13" Commercial Pouch Laminator

Description: Quickly laminate photos, business cards and more with the GBC HeatSeal H600 Pro pouch laminating machine. This pouch laminator is extremely easy to use and takes just minutes to set up. A one-touch keypad, featuring an LCD readout, makes this laminator easy to navigate. It measures in at 13" wide, capable of handling most common-size documents, and utilizes a total of 4 rollers.
Max Width:13" (330 mm)
Max Thickness:10 mil (250 mic)
Volume Use:Medium


Personal and Home Office Pouch Laminators

GBC HeatSeal H450 Pouch Laminator

Description: Quickly laminate documents, reports, cards and other materials with the GBC HeatSeal H450 pouch laminator. This laminator can be used with either standard or premium lamination film and pouches. Laminate both color and black & white materials using a variety of lamination pouch sizes. This laminator can handle film from 3 to 10 mil in thickness.
Max Width:13" (330 mm)
Max Thickness:10 mil (250 mic)
Volume Use:High


Electric Comb Binding Machines

GBC C450E Comb Punch

Description: The GBC Precision Punch Binding System is ideal for binding documents quickly and easily. Its several features, including document separator and auto-centering system divides and positions documents into perfect groups for punching.
Punch Capacity:25
Bind Capacity:450


GBC C800 Pro Comb Binding Machine

Description: Do you remember the classic GBC EPK-21? It has been reborn in the GBC C800. This durable electric comb binding machine is one of the toughest and most reliable available today! The C800 can punch up to 25 sheets of 20# paper at a time. An included foot switch makes hands-free punching easy, making high-volume comb binding a piece of cake. All 21 punching pins can be disabled, making custom comb binding extremely easy.
Punch Capacity:25
Bind Capacity:2"
Clearance Used Model


Desk Side / Office Paper Shredders

GBC 3890D Paper Shredder

Description: Do you need an office shredder with high security Level 5 shredding capabilities? Consider buying a shredder like the GBC 3890D. This micro-cut paper shredder can quickly dispose of up to 7 sheets of paper at a time, using a particle cut that measures in at 1 x 5 mm. This shredder looks great, features GBC quality and can be used by multiple people throughout the day.
Cut Type:Micro Cut
Sheet Capacity:7 Sheets
Security Level / DIN:5
New Security Level:P-7
Clearance Used Model


Manual Comb Binding Machines

GBC C340 Comb Binding Machine

Description: Are you tired of your comb binding paper punching being crooked or hard to set up? You may want to consider buying a comb binder with a self-centering system like the GBC C340 comb binder. This comb binding machine looks great, is extremely easy to use and creates professional-looking reports and presentations. Order yours today!
Punch Capacity:Comb: 25 Sheets
Bind Capacity:2"


Portable Whiteboard Easels

Deluxe Chalkmaster Eraser

Description: Chalk Erasers
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Mini Dry-Erase Board

Description: 11" x 14"


Portable IdeaShare Image Capture Device

Description: How would you like to save notes from a whiteboard on a PC or Mac or share them live over your company’s intranet with a Portable IdeaShare? This way no one misses important points. The IdeaShare uses electronic imaging technology to record notes from boards or easels.
Size:6" x 6"
Clearance Used Model


Wall / Door Signs

Americans with Disabilities Act Signs

Description: ADA signs comply with all the ADA requirements for critical signage.. Radius cornered.. International signage has easy to read message.. Clear graphics.. The ADA signs have grade 2 Braille.. 1/8" (3 mm) injection molded plastic with white raised tactile graphics on Gray (accessible sign on blue).. . .
Graphic Dimensions:6" x 9"
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Thermal Roll Laminators 12" - 27"

GBC Heatseal Ultima 35 EZLoad

Description: The GBC Heatseal Ultima 35 EzLoad is a 12" roll laminator that uses patented technology to accelerate film-loading time while preventing loading the film upside-down. It has a warm-up time of less than a minute, a reverse function and built-in cutting blade. It fits on any desk and is perfect for laminating banners and posters 12" wide.
Max Width:12" (30.5 cm)
Max Thickness:10 mil


GBC Pinnacle 27 & 27 EZLoad Laminators

Description: Quickly laminate posters, banners, signs, maps and more with the GBC Pinnacle 27 and Pinnacle 27 Ezload roll laminators. Each of these laminators are capable of laminating products up to 27-inches wide and can use both Nap I and Nap II lamination film.
Max Width:
Max Thickness:
Highly Recommended
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GBC Ultima 65 School Laminator

Description: The GBC HeatSeal Ultima 65 is considered by many to be one of the best roll laminators available today. This laminator is especially popular with schools. This is due in part to the easy-to-use control panel, its fast warm-up time and quick laminating speed. The GBC HeatSeal Ultima 65 runs at a speed of up to 10 feet per minute and can warm up in just 20 minutes.
Max Width:27" (68.6 cm)
Max Thickness:3 mil


Electric Velobind Machines

GBC System 2 VeloBind® Binding Machine

Description: Bind an amazing 2” of paper with the durable GBC VeloBind System Two (sometimes called the GBC SureBind System Two and System 2). This VeloBind book binding system features an electric punch and a hot knife system. The electric punch can punch up to 22 sheets of paper at a time and can ultimately bind anywhere from 2 sheets up to 2” of paper. The built-in hot knife system provides a solid, durable bind.
Punches:22 Sheets
Binds:2" Thick
Highly Recommended Free Shipping


GBC System 3 Pro VeloBind® Binding Machine

Description: Few binding machines have the amazing binding capacity of the GBC VeloBind System Three Pro (also known as the SureBind System Three Pro and System 3). This amazing book binding system can punch up to 25 sheets of paper at a time with its electric punch and can ultimately bind up to 3” of paper! This is perfect for binding thick contracts, large data reports and much more. While it can bind a lot of paper, it can also be used to bind reports and presentations just a few sheets thick. This machine is tough, durable and extremely easy to use.
Punches:25 Sheets
Binds:3" Thick
Highly Recommended Free Shipping


Manual Velobind Machines

GBC System One VeloBind® / Model V800 - Binding Machine

Description: The GBC VeloBind System One (sometimes called the GBC SureBind System One, System 1 and V800) is a solid binding machine. It features a manual punch, capable of punching up to 20 sheets of paper at a time and can bind up to 1” of paper. Using an 11-prong binding strip, the finished VeloBind product is tough, durable and tamper proof. The end results are professional and very presentable.
Punches:20 Sheets
Binds:1" Thick
Highly Recommended



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