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Money Handling: Counting Machines, Counterfeit Detectors & More!

We Accept Company and Government Purchase Orders!
Currency counters quickly and precisely count money and bills. Some currency counter models can count up to 1200 bills per minute! Many bill and money counters are available with optional counterfeit detection built-in to help you verify every bill you run through. We have the widest selection of currency counters available online at guaranteed low prices. Order your currency counter today!
Coin counters are an absolute necessity for people that need to fill coin wrappers or simply count the total dollar value of a group of coins. Many of our coin counters also include the ability to sort coins while counting. Our coin counters easily work with U.S. currency including quarters, dimes, nickels and pennies. Some of our counters will also work with dollar coins, tokens and foreign currencies. Order your coin counter today!
Coin and money scales are designed to precisely and accurately weigh money. Coin scales are programmed to weigh different denominations of currency and give a dollar and quantity total of the currency. Coin and money scales are an absolute necessity in any business or retail environment where money is handled on a daily basis. Order your coin / money scale today!
Be sure your money is authentic with a money / counterfeit detector. We sell money detectors that will check all security measures built into U.S. currency. We have guaranteed low prices on all our money counters and detectors. Order your counterfeit money detector today!
Coin crimpers take wrapped coins and crimp shotgun shell wrappers and flat-style wrappers. This keeps coins from spilling out of the wrapper and creates a tamper-proof sleeve. Our coin crimpers are easy to use and only take a few seconds to use. Order your coin crimper today!
Take a look at our check certifiers! We have guaranteed low prices on all our check certifiers. Order your check certifier today!
Take a look at our cash registers! Our cash registers offer flexible features and benifits to suit most cash management needs. We have guaranteed low prices on all our cash registers. Order yours today!
Check signers are ideal for quickly signing hundreds and thousands of checks in a short period of time. Check signers are widely used by payroll departments. Several security features are built into many check signers, such as a locked cover and a keypad that requires a pass code to operate. We have guaranteed low prices on all our check signers. Order your check signer today!
Money racks are a great way to organize and keep track of money. Money racks are widely used by banks and other businesses that work with money on a daily basis. We have guaranteed low prices on all our money racks. Order your money rack today!
Improve speed, accuracy and efficiency at your business by using a money counter, sorter, counterfeit detector or other piece of money handling equipment from ABC Office. With over 10 years of experience selling money counters online, we are able to provide you with reliable and professional help and support. Our money counters, crimpers, scales, sorters and detectors are made from high quality materials and are designed for business use. We currently offer several dozen different makes and models.

We offer money counters from every major brand available. This includes machines from well-known manufacturers such as Semacon, Ribao, Klopp, Cassida, Magner and money more. Take advantage of these great prices, our huge selection and fast shipping by placing your order today!

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