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W100-3 Number-Rite Electric Numbering Machine from Lassco-Wizer

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Quickly number documents with the Number-Rite sequential numbering machine. This numbering machine is built with a two-inch square called a Platen, which no other numbering machine has. It is fully adjustable, to insure a perfect number every time. It Adjusts for a very light hit, as on onionskin, to a very hard hit, as on eight-part NCR forms. You may adjust for a number which is light on the left side, or light on the right side to get a perfect hit every time. The numbering head rotates 360-degrees permitting numbering anywhere on the page. The adjustable paper guide stop insures perfect registration, as do the locking knurled knobs on the front and side adjustment knobs.

After setting up and getting the number exactly where and how you want it, simply tighten the locking knurled knobs to insure exact registration throughout the entire numbering job. The Number-Rite is foot-pedal operated, hand-fed, and is installed with gothic style numbering head. (Numbering head also available in roman style, must be purchased separately.) We have guaranteed low prices on all our numbering machines. Order yours today!

Number-Rite W100-3 Electric Sequential Numbering Machine

This item has been discontinued.
For alternatives, please check out our entire selection here.

Product Details

  • Adjustable strike area for a perfect hit.
  • Sharp and clean numbers.
  • The Sequential Numberer imprints through 8-part carbonless forms.
  • Set numbering head in any direction thru 360 degrees.
  • The Sequential Numberer can be tilted forward or backward.
  • Easy to remove or replace.
  • Change from Gothic to Roman in seconds. (Roman head also available.)
  • Moveable paper guides for simple registration.
  • Includes: 1 Gothic head, 1 bottle of ink, and 5 ink pads.
  • WARNING: You must clean and oil the numbering headÂ…
  • Scrub the head with a non-metallic brush and numbering machine cleaner.
  • You may use either a combination type of cleaner with oil and cleaner in one.
  • If you use a numbering head cleaner that is not an oily mixture, then you MUST OIL the head after cleaning it. Use a lubricant that is not affected by cleaning solvents.
  • Caution: Press wash can damage the head.

Options & Accessories

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Technical Details

W100-3 Number-Rite Electric Numbering Machine from Lassco-Wizer
Model:Number-Rite W100-3
Numbering Capacity Numbers from 1 to 999999
Supply Voltage 100/115 Volts
Frequency 60 Hz
Ampere 7A
Solenoid Rating 115V
Fuse Capacity 250V, 3A
Sequential Numberer Dimensions Base 9" x 9"
Height 13 1/2"
Shipping Weight 18 lbs.
Sequential Numberer Warranty Limited 90 days
Product Code NUMEW1003

Connecting the power source...
  • Plug cord from numbering machine into foot pedal
  • Plug foot pedal into electrical outlet

  • Caution: Never plug machine directly into electrical outlet.
±Numbering Supply Kit includes: 1-1oz. Black, red , blue ink, 2 green strike pads, 2 ink pad clips, 12 ink pads - felt size, 1 style pen [to turn numbers].

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