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Do You Remember Those Old Dot Matrix Printers?

Thursday, August 12th, 2004

Forms BurstersDo you remember those old dot matrix printers that were so loud you almost had to wear earplugs? They used a ribbon, like a typewriter, that cycled while printing. One of the most annoying things was the paper they used. It has what I liked to call “tractor-feed” holes along the edges. I don’t know if that was the correct term for the paper, but that’s what I called it. I think it is called computer form paper.

I remember trying to load that paper into the printer, trying to get both sides to line up. If you didn’t get the sides lined up, the paper would be gobbled up and you had a serious jam on your hands. If you were lucky enough to get the paper loaded correctly you would print out your job, again waiting for a few minutes as the screeching print head did its thing. You then had to tear the sheet of from the printer. After that you would tear the sides off. The final product looked like a normal sheet of paper.

Weren’t you glad when printers were created that took cut sheet (individual sheets) paper? You simply opened up the package of paper and plopped it in the printer. We would never go back to the old computer paper would we? Believe it or not, people still use that tractor-feed paper. A lot of people still use that paper. Banks, schools and other businesses use this paper every day. Many businesses print their checks on this style of paper. The paper is inexpensive and the printers are cheap. But what about all the tearing and ripping apart?

Machines have actually been created to tear this paper apart for you. They are called bursters. You put your paper into the machine and it pulls the papers apart. It also cuts the side tractor-feed off the paper. The end result is a single sheet of usable, readable and functional paper. Bursters do this quickly and handle a wide variety of paper sizes and thicknessess. Feel free to go take a look and see what one of these machines look like here: Forms Bursters.

If you need any additional information on bursters, take a look at our site,, or call one of our sales associates, (800) 658-8788.

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