Copy Centers Must Make a Good Profit Binding Documents for Their Customers.

Binding MachinesCopy centers must make a good profit binding documents for their customers. I remember when I was in college, not long ago, and had to get my reports bound for class. The end result looked good, but it cost me several dollars to have the report finished. I wasn’t very particular as to the method of binding either. I just wanted to make sure the pages stayed in place and didn’t fall apart when the professor got it.

Now that I work in the office automation equipment industry, I realize what goes into binding a document or report. I had no idea back then how many different methods of binding exist today. I didn’t realize how easy binding really is and that I could do it myself. Many businesses, and students for that matter, do not realize that binding can be done in-house at a fraction of the cost at a copy center.

There are a wide variety of binding machines to choose from. The most popular binding machines are comb, wire and coil. These machines are small, compact and can be used just about anywhere. Many schools use comb-binding machines, because the combs are re-usable and inexpensive. Businesses and professional organizations will use all three. You can see all the binding machines available for in-house binding here.

Another important part of making a bound document look professional is the front and back cover. These covers are usually made of card stock. Several card stocks are available, with different colors and textures. It is usually a good idea to get a binding cover that matches the binding element that you will be using to bind the document. Clear covers are another popular report cover. The clear cover protects your document and allows the reader to see the cover sheet underneath. You can see all our binding covers here.

For more information on binding machines and how they work, take a look at our binding guide.

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