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How do you get rid of a top-secret document?

Tuesday, February 21st, 2006

Top Secret ShreddersYou have probably wondered at one time or another how effective shredding documents really is against identity theft. Although ¼-inch strip-cut shredding is the least effective method of shredding documents, most thieves won’t bother to try and tape the documents back together. They will simply skip that and go to another garbage or neighbor who doesn’t shred.

Why take the time to piece together strip-cut particles when you could easily go to the next location? Most thieves want to put forth as little effort as possible. For added security, it is generally recommended to use a cross-cut shredder. Cross-cut shredders create particles that are almost impossible to tape back together.

The reason I say almost is because some people are willing to take the time to try and tape documents back together. It is not the casual thief or the regular shredded material that I’m talking about. It is the thief interested in discovering corporate secrets or finding out top-secret information from the government that I’m referring to. It used to be generally accepted that a level 5 shredder (1 x 11 mm) was the best in shredding. Particles were believed to be impossible to decipher. It was later discovered that some data could still be read using a high-powered microscope.

After 9/11 it has become even more important for the government, Pentagon and military to shred top-secret documents. This led to the creation of the level 6 shredder (1 x 4 mm). This is now the standard for use by the government, Pentagon and military.

Some level six shredders shred paper down to particles as small as 0.07 x 2.6 mm. Although the U.S. military and government are the biggest consumer of top-secret shredders, large corporations also find the need to shred sensitive documents using sophisticated shredding methods. You can find all our level six shredders by going here. You can read about all six shredder levels by going here.

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