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Help your business look professional with some desktop marketing tips.

Friday, April 14th, 2006

Digital DuplicatorsStarting a business doesn’t come free. Only a select few of businesses started this year will survive. Money is often the biggest factor in determining whether a business survives or goes under. How do you produce advertising materials, business cards and more from the confines of a small business or home office? ABC Office has some tips and ideas that may help you save some money.

A big part of getting your business going is getting your name out in the open. Business cards are a good way of doing this. Paying somebody or outsourcing business cards can become expensive, and custom business cards are often not an option. Many business card makers require minimum orders. You are often left in the dark during many parts of the printing process. We recommend printing your own business cards and cutting them out yourself. This allows you to get a business card that is exactly what you want and need. ABC Office sells business card cutters that help do this. One of these business card cutters is the Cardmate business card cutter.

Paper folders also help assist in making mailers and advertising material. They can be used to fold hundreds of documents at a time with little effort on the part of the user. This is ideal for folding brochures, booklets, mailers and other business oriented literature. ABC Office also recommends other pieces of quipment such as laminators, paper cutters and binding machines.

You should consider printing your own fliers, brochures, mailers and other literature. Standard toner-based copy machines can be very costly to use for large projects. Digital duplicators, much like the old hand-crank mimeograph machines, use ink that is far less expensive than traditional toner-based copy machines. Digital duplicators can be found here.

Money is an important part of getting a business going. If for any reason you cannot purchase the equipment needed for your business, ABC Office offers leasing as an option. Through leasing, many small businesses are able to get the office equipment they need. ABC Office customer service representatives are always happy to help answer questions and offer suggestions to help get your business up and running.

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