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Ever thought about recycling your shredded paper?

Friday, August 11th, 2006

Industrial ShreddersHave you ever considered recycling your shredded paper? Although recycling shredded paper, as compared to non-shredded paper, is more complicated, it can be done. Many people also use their shredded paper as compost.

If you have properly destroyed sensitive information, you can take those shredded particles and recycle them. If you shred a lot of paper, or work for a large business, you may want to consider a shredder baler. Shredder balers shred dozens of sheets of paper at once, compact the particles and bale them. The bale looks much like a bale of hay you would see at a farm.

Baled paper is very dense. It is easy to transport with a cart or a hand truck. The baled paper can be stored in a warehouse or loaded on a truck where it can later be recycled. One bale of paper, usually about the size of a box, contains the equivalent of several bags worth of shredded paper.

Shredder baler combinations vary in size. Some can fit in an office environment, where others will fill a small warehouse. Shred services often use shredder balers in their trucks due to the limited space. Shredder balers vary in the amount of papers they can shred at any given time. Some high-volume shredder baler combinations can shred up to 400 sheets of paper at once.

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