How safe are your torn-up credit card applications?

Paper ShreddersOver the past week or two, you have probably received at least one or two credit card applications. If you’re like most people, you probably throw them in the garbage. If you’re concerned about the application being stolen, you may tear the envelope in half or quarters.

This may put your mind at rest, but some ambitious criminals don’t mind using a little Scotch tape to patch things up. Taped credit card applications are often accepted regardless. Although tearing a credit card application up isn’t a bad idea, weeding out most ID thieves, it is not fraud proof. This is certainly better than doing nothing.

Although dumpster diving is legal in most states, what they do with that information can make it illegal. The best failsafe to prevent dumpster divers is by using a good cross cut shredder. I keep a shredder in my own home office and shred anything that has personal information or applications.

Shredders are great at home or in the office. I recommend having one in both places. The price of a shredder is nothing in comparison to damaged credit or identity theft. You can see our entire line of paper shredders by going here.


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