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ABC Office now offers service agreements online for new products.

Tuesday, July 10th, 2007

At ABC Office we are now offering service agreement plans available to all customers on almost the entire product line. These new service agreements will help give you peace of mind knowing that your newly purchased office equipment is guaranteed to work for the duration of the agreement. Our new service agreements are for a one-year period of time and
may be renewed.

The new service agreements guarantee the performance of the product for a year. The contract will cover shipping, parts and labor. You can read more about the service agreements here.

These new agreements should help you cut down on downtime and keep your business up and running.

You are probably already familiar with service agreements in others industries, such as automotive and electronics products. We are one of the first online office equipment retailers to offer this service. Our service technician has reported that the new service is already proving itself successful, after just a few days of being online.

These new service contracts can be purchased online through our shopping cart or may be ordered over the phone (800-658-8788). Feel free to look at and take advantage of this new service.

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