It is now easy for anyone to create their own business cards with the new Instant Card business card cutter.

This month we added a new business card cutter to our Web site. This new business card cutter is called the Instant Card and is made by Tamerica. This new business card helps a wide variety of organizations and businesses to create their own business cards in seconds. All that is needed is a printer and the business card cutter. Once printed, a sheet of business cards can be cut down in seconds.

Businesses typically use business cards on a daily basis, especially in sales and trade show environments. Business cards are a great way to get your name out and build relationships/network with clients, customers and more. This new business card cutter is designed to help people and businesses save money by moving operations in-house.

This particular business card cutter is different from the rest because it can be used with glossy paper, photographic paper and a variety of cardstocks. It works with both laser and inkjet printers. Come take a look at the Instant Card business card cutter for yourself by going here.


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