Letter openers – What genius invented this marvel?

You don’t often say, “What genius invented this?” when referring to a letter opener. That is exactly what I say, however, when presented with the task of opening hundreds or even thousands of letters at once. And no, I’m not referring to this kind of letter opener:

I’m talking about the Porche of letter openers. The machines that are fully mechanized and ready to open hundreds of letters in seconds. They range from hand-held electric letter openers to assembly-line style letter openers capable of handling bag loads of letters.

This is an example of a hand-held letter opener. It can be easily held in one hand, is completely portable and can be stored in a cupboard or desk drawer at the office.

Hand-Held Letter Opener

And this is an example of an industrial-strength letter opener. It is designed for high-volume industrial use. This is something you would see in a large business mail room. Although big, it is still relatively easy to set up and use.

Industrial-Strength Letter Opener

These letter openers are readily available at ABC Office. Take a look at this selection of letter openers.

Letter openers vary from speed, size and quality, but any of these models certainly beat using a pair of scissors, a knife or even your bare hands. Come and take a look. You’ll probably find something you like.


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