Scrapbookers & scrappers of the world unite and take over – Carl RT200

In case you haven’t been around the past decade, scrapbooking is huge. It is a multi-million dollar business and is popular in both hard and computer formats. Although scrapbooking by means of a computer has its benefits, most of the people I know use traditional stamps, custom-printed cardstock, scissors, glue and printed photographs.Carl RT-200

Carl RT-200I have been asked on several occasions, by customers, family and friends, which paper cutter is the best for scrapbooking. A lot of it depends on what you plan on doing, but I have personally purchased the Carl RT-200 paper cutter for my wife and she loves it. I’ll explain.

The RT-200, although a low-volume cutter, is inexpensive and is packed with features. It uses a rotary blade, which ensures a straight cut every time. Not only that, but about 11 different blades are available depending on the cut you desire. This varies from a perforating blade and a deckle blade to scallop or Victorian blade. It cuts through cardstock and photographs without a problem.

You can find the Carl RT-200 cutter here. For the price you really can’t go wrong, especially considering the cost of ink stamps, thermography powder and other scrapbooking equipment. Good luck with your scrapbooking!

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  1. Scrapbook Queen Says:

    Absolutely the one must-have scrapbooking tool (aside from glue and a book). There’s also something of a visceral pleasure involved in the actual act of cutting and pasting, as opposed to the electronic version of scrapbooking, so I agree with the author on this one.

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