Binding Machines – Why Use Them?

Over the past few years I have had many people ask the question, “Why use a binding machine?” This is usually from friends and acquaintances that know I am in the office equipment business. Having been around binding machines for years, the question initially struck me as odd, but looking at it from the perspective of a person unfamiliar with the equipment, I can understand why.

Seriously. Why would you want to use or buy a binding machine? I’ll tell you why. Using a binding machine is a very effective way to present material. Bound paper simply looks good.

There are several binding formats available, ranging from comb and wire to coil and VeloBind. Binding machines can be used to create home-printed novels, cookbooks and calendars.

In a professional setting, binding machines are great for binding financial reports and presentations. Binding a report, rather than simply stapling it, is classy. It is like wearing a collared shirt and tie versus a t-shirt to a formal business meeting. Simply put, it makes a great impression.

Binding machines are also popular with businesses, legal offices and other organizations for organizing financial reports, invoices and other data. Some VeloBind machines can securely bind up to three-inches of paper! Many advertising agencies like to use binding machines for proposals.

In a school environment, a binding machine can be used to help a child bind a wide variety of literature and schoolwork. Comb binding machines are especially popular with elementary schools due to their durability and inexpensive cost.

ABC Office has a wide variety of binding machines, literally hundreds. You can view the entire selection of binding machines here. You can see a video demonstration of the four most popular binding formats by clicking on the following links:

Comb Binding
Wire Binding
Coil Binding


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