Polaroid 669 Film Replaced By FujiFilm FP-100C Instant Film

Everyone’s favorite Polaroid 669 film has been replaced. Sad isn’t it? Although it has been gone for several months, we do get a lot of questions from customers regarding a replacement. Do not fret, there is a great replacement available.

Earlier this year Polaroid confirmed that they would stop making “Instant Film” that many of our photo ID and passport cameras use. Apparently this once popular film has fallen victim to the digital camera revolution. Polaroid 669 film was no exception.

Many people, however, really like the film. It requires no printer and can easily create instant photographs on site for identification and passport purposes. For this reason, we still sell a lot of Polaroid-style ID cameras (found here).

Still in need of instant film? You’re in luck. FujiFilm has a replacement that will work in all cameras that previously used Polaroid 669 film. This new film is called FujiFilm FP-100C Instant Film. We have a lot of it, it is priced about the same as the 669 film, and there is no indication that it will be going away anytime soon.

You can find our FujiFilm FP-100C here!

Keith Barlow

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2 Responses to “Polaroid 669 Film Replaced By FujiFilm FP-100C Instant Film”

  1. Ron Frankovich Says:

    Use Polaroid 669 for my Passport Camera will FP-100C work and if it will what is your price for a two(2) Pack. Thanks

  2. Lillian Michaud Says:

    Looking to replace our Polaroid 669 film …. willing to try one box of the fujifilm-fp100c in our camera, (used for passport pictures).

    Please contact me at the above e-mail address with prices and availability. Would need the bill to be sent to me so I can forward it to my accounts payable department.

    Thank you.

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