Multi-Purpose, Combination Binding Machines

I frequently get asked questions regarding binding machines and what they can bind. One of the most common questions asked is whether or not one binding machine can use supplies designed for another. An example would be a comb-binding machine using wire-binding supplies, or a wire binding machine using coil supplies. You can’t blame people for asking the question. We all want to get a machine that can do it all, but do binding machines exist that can bind multiple binding formats? The answer to this is more complex than a simple yes or no.

There is only one type of binding machine that uses a single punching die to punch holes for two totally different binding formats. This machine is a 19-ring comb-binding machine with a wire closer. Special wire supplies, called Spiral-O or 19-ring wire, is available that will accommodate a comb punch pattern. Multi-format comb binding machines have simply added a wire closer to finish the process. The Akiles MegaBind II is an example of this type of machine.

Although there is only one type of machine capable of using the same punching die for two different binding formats, there are other machines out there capable of using multiple punching dies for multiple binding formats. Akiles manufactures a couple of wire binding machines capable of binding 2:1 pitch wire and 3:1 pitch wire, such as the WireMac Duo. The advantage of having a multi-format machine is that you are not limited to just one binding format.

A very common way to purchasing a single binding machine, capable of binding multiple formats, is to purchase a punching base with interchangeable dies. This way you can buy a Velobind die, a comb-binding die, a coil binding die, etc. The dies slide in and lock into place and can easily be removed and replaced. The other part of the binding process, such as a comb opener, a wire closer or a coil inserter can be attached to the base. An example of this would be the Rhin-O-Tuff OD4000 and OD4800.

You can see our entire selection of combination / multi-purpose binding machines here.

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