Akiles AlphaBind, EcoBind & FlexiPunch Binding Machines Now Online!

Akiles makes some great binding machines and they have just released several new models. These models feature the same great quality and metal construction previous Akiles binding machines are known for. These new models total 5 new machines added to our site. The new models are as follows:

AlphaBind-CE – This is a compact “industrial quality” comb-binding machine. It features an electric punch along with selectable punching dies. Check it out!

AlphaBind-CM – This is the manual punch version of the AlphaBind-CE. It still features “industrial quality” design and capabilities, but requires the operator to pull a handle for punching. Check it out!

FlexiPunch-E – The FelxiPunch combines several machines into one. It has interchangeable dies, which means you can punch for comb, swap out the die and then punch for wire. It is very versatile. The “E” version has an electric punch. Check it out!

FlexiPunch-M – The “M” version of the FexiPunch is just like the “E,” but manually punches paper. The selectable dies, interchangeable dies and more make this a great “all purpose” binding machine. Check it out!

EcoBind-C – The EcoBind-C is the perfect comb-binding machine for the office. It looks good, it’s compact and has all the bells and whistles found in high end machines.

You can view our entire selection of Akiles binding machines here!


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