Children’s Furniture From Tuffyland Now Available!

We currently offer a great selection of furniture for offices and are proud to announce that we now also offer a great selection of Children’s furniture from Tuffyland. This furniture is designed to be extremely safe and extremely durable. We sell a lot of furniture to schools and this new line of furniture is perfect for use in an elementary school or preschool.

This new product line includes over 10 new types of products and dozens of different models. This includes different sizes of plastic chairs, tables and storage bins. One nice advantage about the Tuffyland products is that they are designed with safety as a number one priority. There are no sharp edges and the seamless design helps to prevent scratches. The furniture made in bright colors, which kids love!

You can browse through our new Tuffyland products here:

Activity Chairs
Sand & Water Table
Children’s Storage Units / Bins

Keith Barlow

Keith is a third generation office equipment expert. ABC Office was started by his grandfather back in 1980 and he is proud to be caring on the values that made ABC Office what it is today… unsurpassed selection, detailed information, low prices, and courteous support.


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