Destroyit Paper Shredders Reviewed

Destroyit paper shredders are known as some of the best paper shredders available today. They are known for their durability, quality construction and hassle-free operation. Our Service Department likes the Destroyit shredders as well because they rarely have to deal with repairs on them.

Destroyit shredders are made by parent company MBM and sometimes go under the label Ideal. They are German in origin and feature the latest in shredder technology. Thermally protected motors are designed to be run for hours on end without overheating. Many of our customers, especially those in Government and business organizations, love the Destroyit line.

Here are a few models our customers like to purchase:

Destroyit 2602 SMC Shredder – This paper shredder is ideal for top secret and the shredding of highly sensitive material. It utilizes security level 6 standards, which are the highest used today. The SMC in the model stands for Super Micro Cut. The end result almost resembles dust.

Destroyit 4002 Heavy Duty – This shredder is perfect departmental shredding in an office. It is quiet and able to be used throughout the day. You can purchase this model in a strip cut or cross cut variation.

Destroyit 2501 Office Shredder – This model is great for us in a small office. It features a 10 ΒΌ-inch mouth capable of accepting most sizes of paper. It is compact and can sit next to a desk. The motor can be used for continuous shredding.

These are just a few of our Destroyit paper shredders. You can find our entire selection of Destroyit paper shredders by going here.

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