Spiral Binding Machines – An Overview

Spiral binding is a very popular binding format and is growing in use year over year. Spiral binding and coil binding are just two different names for the same type of binding. Spiral binding has been around for some time, especially metal coil binding, but PVC plastic coils have since replaced the metal. This is because plastic coils are more durable and come in a variety of colors.

One reason the coil-binding format is so popular is because coil bound pages can turn a full 360 degrees. This means that pages can be turned completely around and that the books can lay flat. Spiral binding is not only popular for reports, but is also commonly used for scrapbooking, cookbooks and sheet music.

Spiral binding machines are very easy to use. Spiral binding machines come in two different hole patterns, these being 4:1 and 5:1. The first number is the amount of holes and the second, following the colon, is the measurement. This means that 4:1 equals a total of four holes per inch of paper.

The wider hole pattern (4:1) can bind a thicker book. The thinner hole patter (5:1) has a tighter look. The pitch you choose will depend entirely on the look you prefer and how many pages you need to bind. Supplies for the different hole patterns are not interchangeable. This means 4:1 supplies cannot be used with a 5:1 machine and visa-versa.

Types of spiral binding machines:

Manual Punch Coil Binders – Manual spiral binders are the least expensive type of coil binding machine. These machines require the paper to be punched manually. This is fine if you are binding up to a few dozen books a day. After the paper is punched, the coils can be manually inserted or be inserted with an electric coil inserter. Manual comb binding machines are available with and without an electric coil inserter.

Electric Punch Coil Binders – Electric spiral binders are ideal when binding 50-100+ books a day. These types of machines use an electric punch to punch the paper. Once the paper is punched, the spirals can be inserted manually or with an electric coil inserter. Electric coil inserters are faster to use. Most electric punch coil binders include an electric coil inserter.

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