How Does A Check Signer Work?

Check signers are used to sign checks, documents and other papers. Why are they so nice to have? Speed. They are fast. They get the job done quickly and for a business, time is money. They are commonly used for payroll, mailers and more. Set a stack of paper in the machine and let it do the rest.

Check signers use signature plates. A signature plate is a metal plate that contains the signature. The plate itself is usually curved and it is attached to a round bar that spins a full 360 degrees. As paper runs through the machine, the signature plate is inked and rolls over the paper, thus signing it.

There are two main types of check signers. The first type is a continuous forms check signer and the other is a cut sheet check signer. The model you use will depend on the type of paper you use.


Cut Sheet – A cut sheet check signer uses standard individual sheets of paper. These sheets can still contain perforations, but must be individual sheets in a stack. The cut sheet check signer will peel off one sheet at a time and sign it. Xerox copy machines use a cut sheet design.

Continuous Forms – Continuous forms check signers use continuous forms paper (surprise). This is the type of paper that used to be found in the old dot matrix printers. This type of paper is usually all connected and packaged in an accordion-like fashion. There are usually perforated sides with tiny holes used for feeding the paper through the check signer.

Check signers are usually built with security measures in place. This is to prevent a rogue employee or criminal from using it to print their own checks. Security measures usually include a key lock to access the signature plate and a pass code that has to be entered before the machine can be used.

Once checks are printed, they usually have to be torn apart. Since most pre-printed check paper is pre-perforated, a forms burster is perfect to do this job. Many check signers can be interfaced directly with a burster. The burster quickly tears the paper apart. Bursters are also usually available in continuous forms and cut sheet designs.

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