Shinwoo SB1000 Replaced By The PLUS Banking Systems P-624

The popular Shinwoo SB1000 bill discriminator has been discontinued and replaced by the PLUS Banking Systems P-624 from Klopp. This is pretty important news if you are in the market for a bill discriminator.

Bill discriminators are far less common than a standard bill counter. This is because they not only count bills, but they can distinguish the difference between different denominations. Most bill counters cannot do this. The new PLUS Banking Systems P-624 can count bills and give you the quantity and monetary value of everything counted.

Not only does the PLUS Banking Systems P-624 count bills, but it also has counterfeit detection built in. If the P-624 detects a counterfeit bill, it will quickly let you know. This is a great feature to have as counterfeit money is a problem plaguing many cities throughout the United States. The software on the P-624 can be updated to accommodate future currency changes.

Both the Shinwoo SB1000 and the P-624 are very similar in the way they operate. Time permitting, you should stop by our site and take a look at this new machine. You can find the PLUS Banking Systems P-624 here.


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